London-Based LOLCat Focus Groups!

Dis interesting bit camed in mai emayoz dis morning.

OH HAI, Cheezfrend!

My name is Kate Miltner, I’m a graduate student at the London School of Economics. I’m writing my Masters dissertation on lolcats, and I am trying to recruit as many London-based lolcat lovers as possible for some focus groups that I’m running in the next few weeks. Will over at ICHC suggested that I contact you and ask for your help in getting the word out to the community– would you be willing to help me by posting an announcement? I’m offering snacks and a chance to win an Amazon giftcard, as well as a chance to talk about lolcats (and lolruses, and lolsloths, etc) for an hour!

Please let me know if you have any questions– you can post this email address ( as a way for all interested cheezfrends to get in touch.


I haz nawt had contact wif Kate b4, but dis appearz tu b a legitimate school; its webby site am  If I libbed in Lundon, I wud definitely go, if only fur deh snakkz!  😉

13 thoughts on “London-Based LOLCat Focus Groups!

    • mii tu! ifn ai libbid in Lundun, ai wud definitely go! wut fun it wud be!

      yesh yesh, gud luk, Kate! ai hopes yoo get gudgudgud grayd awn yur dissurtayshun, an awl teh stuffd-shurt academic types ar berry impressd wif yur wurk! 😀

      • Fanks, guyze! Ur support iz very kynd and much appreceeaytid. Ai will let yoo know how it gowze! (Sowwy, mai lolspeak iz a bit rusteez, dey don’t let yoo write like dis in acadeemeeah)

  1. Annuver study ob ICHC peeps. Economic study – humm – all she needs tu know iz dat noms iz da mostest important agenda in kitteh life (negst to naps ob course; oh adn ai forgetted werld dominashun).

    • Ohai OnleeKitteh, cud yoo mebbe tells me moar about dis uvver study? Whar did yoo see or heer about it? Also, just so yoo knowz, ai iz in the Media and Communicayshun deepartment, so mah studdy iz nawt economic (but a studdy of deh nom economy wud be sooper interestink, I fink).

      • Hoap yur studdee goez well Kate!!! Unfurtunotloly ai libs at t’uvver end ov TTI, so ai’s nut ablol tu gits tu Lunnerdun…butt(!) duz tihs meen yu will bee gittin a Master’s in Lolology??? Ai lykes teh ideer!!!! *frownz* wishez ai’d fort ov dat wun, betta tahn teechin teh ebil troll teenajers…

      • Sumbunny asked a yeer or sew ago abowt surbeyin Cheezland and awl teh peeps. Neber herd wut came uv it. Maybee teh Cween has a way to surch for it?

  2. Ai has a wundering…iffn dere nawt be enuff Cheezpeeps hoo can be ins London in purrson, wuld it workify to sets up some kind of tempo rarely chat room? I wulds party sippate…

    Gudgudgud luk Kate!! Oh to be in England, now dat noms is heer…

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