Halp Ophelia and Buddy


LCB and Tess has putted tugezzer a donation fingy fur halping tu fund deh re-homing uv KimKiwiz kittehz.  Deh linkee on deh rite will taking u tu Tessms webby site wif a paypal button tu klikking on.

Schmoooz tu awl, whether u kin afford to donate oar not, I noes u lubz deh kittehz.  😀


7 thoughts on “Halp Ophelia and Buddy

  1. Mii too! Fankees for gibbin us teh chance to dew sumfing. Iz alwais a halpless feeling when wun is sew far awai.

    {{{{{{{{Buddy adn Ophelia}}}}}}}}}

  2. Fankees, Tessm an LCB – yu has mai lubs an admurayshuns cos yu allus duz dis beri gud, beri kynd stufs. Ai sendid teh littlol bitt wut ai cud. Ai hoeps Kim’s lubblee kittehs gets teh gnu foarebbur hoem tugevvur – dey gots a wae-tuu-bigg sadniss frum loozing der Bestist Purrsun awlreddee, an ai hoeps dey nawt loozis eech uvver nao, tu.

  3. I be trying to halp, but I dinnit get my PalPay acct werking rite. I’ll try again after teh holiday. Fanks for setting this up. We all wanna do sumfim. I agree wif Nicewitch and hope her kittehs gets to stay together. *sniff* Thanks Tess and LCB.

  4. Just donated – thanx for organizing! And I hope KimKiwi’s cats get re-homed very, very soon! and together!!

  5. Thank you so much for arranging this — PayPal makes thing so easy! Am keeping my fingers crossed that the Kiwi kittehs will soon find a wonderful new home. Please keep us informed.

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