Riting Project

hmmm…..  dis lookz interesting….  it am frum Hissy Fit:


Mi leege:
It hab bin manee munfs sinse ai hab bin aktib at ICHC, butt ai iz offen lurking.  Bisee, bisee, bisee!   Ai no cheezepeeps r da bestest fur halpin!   Mai boi hab maded a websiet/blog fur a summer skool projekt adn hii iz ritin a fantasy storee – muchly leik Artimis Fowl adn/or Eragon.  Hii will git extree credits iffin peeps reed it.  Culd yu postify da linkee on da Cryer?  Butt pleeze to reminding that himz onlee eleben adn not tu expeckt Jrr Tolkien!  Dere’s no bad langwage or situations, so  peeps kan show dere kidlets iffin day wantz.
Fanks eber so muches,
HissyFit  (and BroverFit)

14 thoughts on “Riting Project

  1. Ai will be teh happitails tu be reeden it! His iz only eleven NAOW butt dis mebbe teh start uv a wunnerful kareer! :-)) Dank u prowd mommalol fur teh sharin!

  2. O M Jeepers, he must be having fun writing with such imagination! I’ll be waiting for the rest of the story…

  3. Fanks sew berry muches fur chekkin awt himz seit! Hii’s sew eggsited ober 100 peeps habs lukked at it. Yur kommints arrh halpful adn inspyring! Hii wants tu hab a knu chapter added eech munf – at da longest. Fank yu agin!

  4. This is great!!!! The characters are very well-developed and I feel as though I am “in” the story. I have bookmarked it, also and can’t wait for more. Mom, you must be so proud you could just pop, and, young author, please keep it up. I look forward to seeing you in print.

  5. Excellent. I agree with Marsh — the character development is great and the emotions ring true. Well done! I’m looking forward to the rest of the story. One question — does he get the extra credit just by us going there and reading, or is there something for us to click on as a counter?

  6. He has a stats counter that logs each new and returning visitor to his site. It is on the homepage, but sometimes you can see it- sometimes you cannot. I don’t understand the computer stuff, but I do have a huge proud! Thanks again everyone for helping!

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