Munday Morning Sing-Along

Dis b a reminderer frum Ruth/Ambercat:

* Nownsur boyce *
Sum sai “Piggeh rawks fur whirrled peas”
Sum sai “Piggeh rawks fur teh kidlets”
Sum sai “Piggeh rawks fur pork scratchings”
Awl wii nose is:
“Piggeh… RAWKS! (fur kimkiwi)”
Plz tu getting yurselbes reddy fur whut wheel bii TEH. GRATEST. MUNNAY. MOARNIN. SYNGALONG. EBBER!!!
* nod nod * Yu herd it rite, heer, in cheezland neckst Sundai teh 10nd Joolai awn a LOL sumthyme in teh TTI affernuun (eet wheel bii Munnay moarning in kiwiland den) wii can has a kimkiwi memorilol consert!!!
Yesh, yesh, yu tu kin writing a sawng, oar does a dansdansdans oar reeds a powem oar whutebber yu wants tu does.

This’ll start on the 7pm (TTI time) LOL –  that’s 11am Cheeztym on Sunday 10th July as that’s Monday morning for New Zealand. Frendz might like to change their avatar to a kiwi (fruit or bird!), for the day, like many of us have done on Facebook. Anyone who can’t make that LOL and wants to join can pop in later or send their party piece to Ambercat, GP, A.N. Other, to post on their behalf.

It would be really good to remember Kim with joy and song and laughter.

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