KimKiwi Memorial and Singalong

Dear friends, thank you to all for making the memorial for our friend KimKiwi a huge success. I never cease to marvel at the love and support found in cheeseland, as well as the inventiveness and talent of our cheesefriends. There is no doubt that it has been a very sad time lately, we’ve lost many friends. Together we can remember them and hold them in our hearts.


Here is the link to the memorial, in case anyone wasn’t able to be there on  the day.


3 thoughts on “KimKiwi Memorial and Singalong

  1. bluesfan473: fankies fur da link. Wun ob dese days maybe ai can go back and re-read sum ob da posts wifout da badbad leaky eyes.

  2. It was just great – what a fabulous way to remember KimKiwi. I wasn’t there to contribute, but with very leaky eyes I read most of the posts. Thank you to all who pulled it together and to those who contributed poetry, songs, etc. I’m going to go back and re-read the entire LOL when its not so emotional to do so.

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