Buddy & Ophelia at New Home

I stole dis from deh FaceBook ~~  It is from KimKiwi’s frend Marco, who helped us keep in touch with Kim in hur last weeks.  Kimz kittyz haz a noo home, together!  I haz such a happy dat dhey b in a luvving home. 

Emails from the person who has given the Furry Babies a new home (used with her permission although protecting the identity of innocents, upon her request 🙂 )

From: Marco

Sent: Monday, 11 July 2011 08:55 a.m.

Hello Jane – how are you getting along with the kittens? And the other way around?? 🙂





Sent Monday, 11 July 2011 09:23 a.m.

Hi Marco

They are lovely cats – so cute! My partner has been quite fond of them. We have had cuddles and purring from both, especially Ophelia! although both have also hidden under beds and sofas for alot of the weekend – until nighttime, when Ophelia becomes very active and jumping up on our bedside tables and meowing! Thank goodness it was the weekend and we could nap in the afternoon. :-). Ophelia is more confident and I am feeling like I could let her outside soon for some supervised outdoors time. She has eaten well. Both are very good about using the kitty litter box and there have been no accidents.

I am a bit worried about Buddy as she has not eaten much, if at all, and hasn’t really gone to the toilet much either. She vomited 4-5 times (foamy liquid) on Friday night and Saturday morning, but doesn’t seem to have done this since. That would probably be the stress of shifting for her. We have had some nice cuddles though and she has found some good napping spots. She has actually slept in both the cat beds I bought during the night in front of the fire. Ophelia has slept on the bed with us, in my arms, or alternatively in a box she found under the bed.

Can you tell me how long Buddy was at Allandale? I was thinking of asking them if they noticed how much she ate while she was there.

I have found a few things they like to eat, but mostly they have eaten the cat biscuits that you gave me.



From: Marco

Sent: Monday, 11 July 2011 09:35 a.m.

Hmmm, I do remember Brent from Allandale saying that Buddy wasn’t eaten so much when I took Ophelia on Thursday. Buudy got in there on Sunday 3 July, I can only guess that it was the change in the food she was used to, and also the stress, as you say; if she is not vomiting now, it is probably because she is eating her regular food again. They are used to tins of Dine Desire, and the anti-airball formula Purina one dried catfood..



Sent: Monday, 11 July 2011 10:10 a.m.

Thanks Marco. If she still hasn’t eaten in another day or so I will call the vet. At this stage her fur still looks in good condition, and when I was stroking her and she rolled on her side and stretched out I made sure to feel her tummy and all around her legs etc – she doesn’t seem to have any discomfort/pain, and didn’t mind me touching her – and her body felt ok to me. She isn’t using much energy at all, so can probably cope with less food for now, but will keep a close eye on her. My workmate Jenny has 4 cats and she told me when they shifted house her elderly lady cat hid under a bed for 2 weeks not eating, and she didn’t have to cope with going to new people ahd new furniture smells etc.


Sent: Tuesday, 12 July 2011 10:05 a.m.

Just letting you know Buddy is a lot better now and feeling happier in herself. She has eaten some food and has been exploring and having fun. Both cats played with me with a piece of string last night, and Buddy spent the whole evening getting up on the couch with us and sitting on our knees and having cuddles and running around the house having fun. Then she and Ophelia kept us awake all night scratching the carpet and jumping up on bedside tables and meowing – so lots of fun for them! I am a bit bleary eyed today though. Ophelia has been sleeping on the bed with us purring and cuddling. So I think they are settling in really well now.

Sent: Wednesday, 13 July 2011 11:18 a.m.

Just to let you know, they are both doing really well now – Dine Desire Tuna tempted Buddy’s tastbuds and she ate heartily and happily last night. Buddy is now eating, drinking and going to the toilet like she should. It seems strange to be so pleased by a cat using the kitty litter box! She is also very cuddly and smoochy – all evening she will come and be with us when we watch TV and sit on our knees and roll around. They have both played with string and are finding things to ruffle up, like the bath mat, and finding nice places to sleep.

Ophelia had her first outdoors experience this morning and gave me a fright by disappearing, but she turned up just before I had to leave for work so she is safe inside again. She was out for an hour. She slept at the foot of our bed last night and was quiet and good all night until about 5am when she and Buddy started to get into mischief! I hope to be able to have Ophelia at least going outside and inside as she likes at the weekend, and will give Buddy have some time outside as well. Buddy know her name well and comes when called so she is very good. They are both very clever kitties.

The children are very excited to meet them and want them to sleep on their beds! They have begged us to get cats for years, and Ella who is 8 is very cat oriented and likes to add “meow” into her every day words! Buddy likes Ella’s room, and asks to go in there (scratches the door and meows) if the door is closed, so I am hoping the cats will be familiar with the kids’ smell. I have asked the kids to be gentle and to realise that the cats will be frightened at first until they get to know them.


12 thoughts on “Buddy & Ophelia at New Home

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!, happy KEOWS (Kitty+Meow) are a joy to watch & interact with, I’m GLAD Buddy & Ophelia are O.K. & adjusting to their new family so well, my keow likes to “help” me read, after I remove her from the book I can continue reading & pet her alongside the book.

  2. It’s stories like this that fill me with hope for the world. Marco, if you see this, please send best wishes to Jane and her family; although I’m sure Buddy and Ophelia were well looked after in the in-between home, I’m so pleased to find that they’ve now got a forever home now. I’m sure KimKiwi would be pleased!

  3. Like so many cheezpeeps, I have the leeky eyes hearing this news. I’m so thankful for Marco and his devotion. I’m thrilled that both kittehs have a new forever home, and happy that Jane and her family were able to offer that to them.

  4. Oh, such wonderful news!! How thankful I am that they could stay together, and with such a nice, loving new family in a wonderful home.
    Sounds like they have settled in well, thks to caring peepz.

  5. Ai am awlso verry happy ! Ai haz a feeling dat Kim came and tawked to her bebbehs and told dem “ai iz still wif yoo awlways” *sniff* It is storyz lyke dis dat gib meh a hope for deh whirrld too. Wot a wunnermus frend yoo are Marco, and deh noo fambly too! Awesome peeps!

  6. wunnerful wunnerful noos!!!!!! Iz grate dat Buddy’s an Ophelia’s noo hoomins are keeping Marco up to date, an den he iz keeping us informed!!!! *haz leeky eyes anna happehtayl for Kim’s furbebehs*

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