Kitteh_Kat_Celia Needz Beemz

Dis b coming tu us frum ower deer  Kitteh_Kat_Celia.  I sending hur sum beemz uv peesfulness at dis trying time.
My grandfather (the only one living on my mom’s side of the family) has not been doing well these past few weeks.  We got a call from the hospice, one day, where he was saying he was not going to make it through the night…but when the sun came up the next day, he was alive and well!  This kind of stress does not sit well with my mom, my dad, or myself.  My mom is still grieving the loss of her little brother, who died suddenly from a heart attack recently, so this just adds on to her stress, which causes me to go into a panic attack.  So if you don’t mind…would you please pass this note onto all the cheezpeeps to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers so we can have a little bit of relief and that the nurses at hospice take good care of my grandfather until his last dying breath.


11 thoughts on “Kitteh_Kat_Celia Needz Beemz

    • I can’t improve on your comment, muchcat. All I can say is that I add my prayers and thoughts to everyone elses here. May peace be with you all, now and forever xxx

  1. Celia love, I pray that the LORD will hold you close in His arms and give you and the family His peace, which passes all understanding. I pray for comfort for your mom especially, and for wisdom for the folks caring for your dear grandfather. GOD bless yoou, dear one; He is in charge and all will be for your good eventually.
    All my love—janey (altosinger)

  2. O sankyuu fur awl of teh purrayers…mai fambilee surley ((AI no, AI no, don’t kall mii Shirley…)) needz awl teh calmynezz wii kan getz.

    Fankuu awl~!

  3. Praying right now, its never easy to lose a loved one, at this time may ALL the prayers bring you much needed peace during this trial & tribulation, God ALWAYS hears prayers, even moreso if they’re for others, GOD BLESS.

  4. My prayers added to the pile — I understand how hard it can be right now and how an aging mind says things that make others days so hard — hoping for peace of mind a gentle days— blessed be to your whole family ~~~

  5. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{K_K_C_ & famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Sending beems tu yoo awl at dis very diffikult tyme…


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