One week to the Boston Cheesemeet!


11 thoughts on “One week to the Boston Cheesemeet!

  1. If you’d like more info you can contact me at *my screen name*, please put your cheezname and Boston cheesemeet in the subject line. Activities are up in the air (gonna depend on the heat/humidity factor for me, I’m afraid) but noms and talk are most definitely on the list!

    A good time will be had by all!

    *and apologies to Dave Loggins for cribbing a line from his very beautiful song Please Come to Boston*

  2. Lived there for years…thanks for reminding me of the song.

    Wish I could come…last visit was in 2004 for a birthday party and a Sox game.


  3. I am counting the hours until I can put faces with some of the names of my cheez friends. Be prepared for taking pictures. I have a cheezburger scrapbook and I want too include all my friends. See You All Friday

  4. wish we kuld be dere!!! hazza gud tyme, BF an teh otter peeps!! Ai hopes it iz nawt az hawt an humid az it wuz last yeer, BF!!

    • unforshoonitlee, accordion tew the wevver channel iz gonna bee hawt hawt hawt! In the mid 90’s sew ah’ll bee luukin wunderus wiv mai red, blotchy faise (nawt guud wiv the heet!). Butt az long az taht duzznt skare ebreewun awf weel haz big fun, aifinkso!

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