Update on deh KimKiwi Fund

Tessm sendinged mii dis.

The grand total for the KimKiwi fund has reached $715 USD!  This generous show of love and care for our friend Kim is so amazing.  (Well, of course, she was pretty amazing, too.)

I have recently been in contact with Marco about how to disburse the funds.  Here is what we have come up with so far:

  • Expenses for Marco include the week at the pet hotel for both girls, and a very expensive ad in the local newspaper — NZD $125 + NZD $316.  (He only asked for partial repayment for the ad costs, or NZD $100.  What a guy.)
  • I asked if we could get a gift certificate or something to go directly to the kittehs’ new owner, and Marco checked with her.  She was “surprised and delighted”, according to Marco, and decided that Buddy & Ophelia could use a cat door and a pair of kitteh beds, at a cost of about NZD $170.
  • NZD $125 + 100 + 170 = NZD $395, which is just about $340 in US dollars.

Especially in light of the amount Marco spent personally, I felt it would be appropriate to round this amount up a bit, to half of the total donations.  So, I will shortly be sending Marco a check for $360 USD.

As for the other half of the donations, Marco is looking into whether there is any kind of fund available that helps other people who are in Kim’s position:  people who are sick or dying, and need to find new homes for their pets.  He was going to look into this with the hospice folks, as we figured if anyone would know about such a thing, they would.  So, stay tuned for more info as we get things figured out!

Again, thanks to all who donated for their generosity.  It means a lot to Marco, and Buddy & Ophelia and their new owner, and also to me.



6 thoughts on “Update on deh KimKiwi Fund

  1. God bless everyone who helped, thank you to the kind & caring people who made SURE that KimKiwi’s kitties were seen to , cared for & found a new loving home, my eyes overflow.

  2. Tessm: You and Marco and all Kim’s friends have been such hard working people in this endeavor of finding a forever home and able to keep both kittehs together (that helps in their grief as well). I’m positive that if hospice doesn’t have a fund, that the remainder of donations could be seed money to help this effort along. Thanks again for all your efforts.

  3. I know this would make Kim smile. Thank you , Tess for doing this. Well done.
    Pea ess- the fund to help relocate kitties is wonderful; :blushyface: when my checkbook gets out of the overdraft mode donations you can has.

  4. Az awlwaes, teh shere ossimniss ob Cheezpeeps cumins froo agin!!! {{{{{{{Tess}}}}}}} {{{{{{{Marco}}}}}}} {{{{{{{Buddy, Ophelia an der gnu famblee}}}}}}}

    an foarebbur an ebbur {{{{{{{KimKiwi}}}}}}} – yu can has resting wiff a eezeeniss.

  5. How wonderful that Buddy and Ophelia stayed together.

    {{{ everyone who made this possible and special hugs to Marco }}}

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