Am Dis deh Run-Arownd?

Dis b frum SparkysMom:

I b habn a pwoblem, duz n e peep owt der in da land ob cheez know n e fing bowt dis?

ok, here goes – My kitty boy Brain, 16 yrs owld, has been losin weight beri fast.- him b helfy otherwise, an he habs da sparklin greenie-yello gooseberi eyes. We tooks himz to da V-E-T an she says himz hassa “mass”, prolly da cancer. So we pays a whol buncha munnies and dey do da blood work, x-rays an da ultra sound and da biopsy- an dey says prolly cancer, but we dont know fer shur. (!)

dey have sended us to a cancer specialist next tues. But I b skeptical. I fink mayb we be gettin da pay-us-mor-munnies run-around, uh hu, I fink so.

Is it possible after all dis, ‘cludin da biopsy, dat dey can only say “possible” cancer ? My own Dr. said I had cancer after the ultra sound- howcum why dey ebin did da biopsy an cant say for sure?

dey b tellin us dat we need to do da sir jury an den da chemo-  whada yu guys fink? shud we b trustin dees guys?

Help!   fank yu for n e fing yu can tell me !

da V-E-T says go to da kitty oncologist, an we b gonna do dat on tues. da tooth ob august.


29 thoughts on “Am Dis deh Run-Arownd?

  1. *insert mah 2 scentses here* Ai dun fink iz teh runaround. Ai had a small lump and had it removed and biopsied and 3 pathologists said..”hmm…dun know wat DAT iz..prolly pleh cancer but mebbe nawt? Then the tooma wuz sended (by air-o-plane..nawt furst klass tho) to GUDGUDGUD horsepital who said..HOO HA!!! Daz rare pleh cancer. Took 4 pathologists to figure it out adn now pleh cancer gone 4 ebber (ai hopeso). Ai fink kitteh oncologist wuld kno bestest.

  2. Kitteh oncologist wud noes bestest, iffn yu kin affurred dem. We went dat route wif our furrst canser kitteh victum, adn altho they did diagnose teh canser, in retrospekt she wooda bin bettur owf wivowt treetment, adn just made kumfy til teh time came. Izza kind ov HARD HARD decision tu mayk, adn iffn itz teh furrst thyme yu hav dealt wiv kitteh canser, Ai noes Ai wud do teh same again iffn it were mai furrst…but nao, we are just mayking owr liddol guys as kumfee as possibl until they say “It’s thyme”. Ai iz so sorree that yu and yur kitteh gai niz goin fru dis. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{SparkysMom & Brain}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Wotever yu decyde will be wot is rite at that thyme, aifinkso. Just mai opinyun. Hugs to you bofe and beemz for teh vizzit on teh tooth ov Auggust.

  3. So sorry u have to go fru this agin. I know it is sooo hard to see teh lil guy doing poorly. Gud luck wif whateber u decide to dew. {{{{{{Sparkysmom and da Brain}}}}}}.

  4. OHai! Ai am so sawry dat dis iz happning fru dis foar da lil guy. Mai prayers ar wif u and da Brain. Ai knos hao Ai felt in 2008 wen da V-e-t sed dat Inky wuz nawt doing well. Teh noo v-e-t wants meh to spend big munnies just to get teh speshul fud Inky lieks. Ai will get teh uvver wich Inky nawt liek az well butt Inky will eet it. So, wutebber u deside, ai will hab awl the prayers and heeling beems! {{{{{{Sparkysmom and da Brain}}}}}}}}

  5. Eye yusta werkwerkwerk at Michigan Cancer Foundation prepping teh kanserr byOp-Cs awl day lawng N iffenz tehr’s 1 tihng eye kin telya itz dat kanserrs kin cum in awl difrent syzes N shaypz! Dis wuz hooman tisshoo, butz teh poynt iz teh saym. Owr prayrz N beemz R wif U N kitteh! Tortiemon N Serena

  6. Yes, go to the kitteh oncologist, then make your best decision based on all the factors. It does seem like a runaround at times, you have my sincere sympathy, I just spent 1200.00 on an IBD kitteh,and only slight improvement in his movement! (He’s 15 with a murmer) {{{{{{ Sparkysmom and Brain}}}}}}

  7. {{{ Sparkysmom and Brain }}} Sometimes it is hard to know what is the right thing to do. I’m sending prayers and beemz for the right decision and the right vet.

  8. Ai agreez wif awl teh guud advyce offerd heer, fank CC foar teh cheezypeeps!! Yesh, aifinkso goez tu teh awnkol….oncall….dr. tinycat cancer pro an getz awl teh info bowt wut yoar bebbeh wil habs tu goe fru, wut teh chansiz R ob eggstendin uh kwalitee lyfe foar him, speshullee at hims aije, an hao menny munneez it kost. Den luuk in yoar hart an feeyul awl teh beemz comin frum Cheezland an yoar lubbed wuns an yu wil noez wut tu dew.
    {{{{{Sparkysmom, Brain an famblee}}}}}
    *Sets ohai beemz awn hi an poyntz dem tu Kawlee Fornya*

  9. {{{{{SparkysMom}}}}} Weight loss + palpable mass + advanced age = high probability of cancer. The catalogue of cat cancers is nowhere near as complete as the catalogue of people cancers and so it’s perfectly possible that even a biopsied sample is inconclusive.

    Pursuing a definitive diagnosis (which you want before proceeding with chemo) by itself can be an expensive undertaking, and then the surgery and chemo treatment is expensive. Personally I would not do this on the grounds that it is really rough for a cat to go through, and our means of comforting our cats is limited. 16 years is a really good run; be grateful and rejoice to let him go. IMHO. Mrrphh

    • Thank yu so much, cheez fwends! I feel so lucky to b able to fro fings atchew and get such good advisings!
      our Brain kitty is akchewally Matts kitty, so the final dec is up to him. As sum ob yu kno, we went thru mos zactly the same fing 2 yrs ‘go wif my kitty da Mousse- we did da best we cud and paid awl da big munnies an he died b4 da chemo was done, in Matt’s arms. Aftur dat I may b more sensitive bowt da whole fing cuz I wus neber sure we wern’t gettin da run aroun den.
      I hab shared yur thots an ‘pinions wif Matt, an he has made da big decision- he will call 2 moro an make a pointment wif da nice vet, to help Brain ober da bridge. Dis vet makes it very comfy for ever body an is beri sensitive to feelings.

      thanking yu guys so much, Sparkysmom an hur boy, Matt, an da lubly Brain.

      • {{{{{{Sparkysmom adn Matt adn da lubly Brain}}}}}} Ai has leeky ais for you awl. So sad, so hard tu lose sumwun yu has lubbed for menny years, but going peas fully adn in teh arms ob teh wun yu lubs moast am teh gratest gift yu adn Matt can gibs tu tihs speshul kitteh.

      • {{{{{{{sparkysmom matt brain}}}}}}} This is such a hard decision to have to make. So difficult, even when, deep in your heart, you know it is the right choice. But sometimes helping our fur babies cross without pain is the last act of love we can show them. My thoughts are with you.

      • I am so sorry–I’m wrapping really, really long arms around you and Matt and Brain and squeezing love and comfort and peace into the embrace.

  10. It is very easy to have an inconclusive biopsy – happens all the time in humans and animals. Re chemo and specialists- depends on the depth of your wallet and how much you want to put your cat thru. I would tend to agree with Mrrph that 16 years is a good run and make the little guy comfy for whatever time he has left. Cindy/ luvscatsVa

  11. Mah babeh had da saem symeytumz. her gotz allz ob her intestines smuth en da insydez instade of grrruvey sew mah lubly kitteh kud nawt absorbz ane nutreentz. Her eetz a bunchez butt (!) et nawt doen noo gud. V-e-t not hab kure for mah Ebony sew wee hade 2 send da beeuteful sul cros da ribber on da raenbo brege. Ai stell kriez 4 herz sueeet face. Dis waz 12 yeerz ago. dis nawt a gud responze to yur kneeds, sorre, butt(!) maybee derz a kure nauw, n mabee datz yur hunney kittehz trublez. Hoep eberyfing iz k. cendin gud energeez to yew both.

  12. U has awl mai gud fawts adn beems, SparkysMom. Dis am ebrytyme a hard thing tu deside. Iz awlwaiz teh ultimate act ov lub adn respek fur teh furbabiez, but dat doez nawt maik it ezier… {{{{{{{Sparkysmom, Matt, Brain}}}}}}

  13. Mai ize am leekin tew bicuz Ai haz been in ur shuz tew menny tiems b4. It am nebber eezee butt (!) Brain haz had a gud lief wif yew adn Matt adn yew r dewin teh rite fing fer him. Mai thotz adn praeyrs r wif yew.
    {{{{{{{{Sparkysmom, Matt, adn Brain}}}}}}}}

  14. a sownd, a smel, a vay grunt thort
    tehy haz teh strenf, or so it seemz
    2 pul me up, adn pul yoo frum
    teh poorly foe cust relm ov dreemz

    adn wunce agen ai see yoo tehre
    in yoor fay vrit patch ov sun
    or feel yoo curld up on mai lap
    or heer yoo on a midnite run

    adn 4 a moe ment ai can tayst
    teh joy taht used 2 be mai lot
    teh payn adn hart ayk ai embrayse
    can 4 taht moe ment be 4got

    until, 2 soon, taht moe ment faydz
    adn ai am left wiv awl mai payn
    wunse moer 2 struggl on mai wae
    until at last we meet agen

    • ohai, guys- it am da tooth ob aug and my boys are 2gevvur onda way to da “goodbye” vet appointment. lastt night Matt anda Brain sat across from me and Matt wuz pettin da kitty an I noticed how very skinny da kitty is. He has been a HUGE kitty since himz wuz a teeny, tiny kitten an seein him so beri skinny, eben ifn he nawt b “sik”, pur say, reely showed me Matt’s decision to help him go ober da bridge dis morning wuz da rite fing.
      fankin yu so much for awl yur hugs and beems- and da candle ! I wuz rite to come heer for help, and awl yur advisings wuz beri helpful to me.{{{{{{{{{{{{Cheezfwends}}}}}}}}}}}}

  15. I so sawri, sparkysmom. {{{{{{to you and Matt and Brain}}}}} I had a similar experience with my hart kitteh rumpelteazer. She was losing weight, so I had the dr. tinycat do tests, found nothing wrong, had most of her teeth removed as they were bad, pretty much everything dr. tinycat suggested. I finally realized Rumpel was 20 years old, and she’d had a good long life. She was old. It was horrible to take her to dr. tinycat for the last time and leave her there. I don’t look forward to doing it for my other cats. Zeekie is losing a lot of weight over the past few months. I took him in, they did all the tests, and he’s fine. Again, he has bad teeth, but, and this breaks my heart, I can’t afford to have them fixed. He’s 15, but still full of piss and vinegar. its hard, i know. you are in my heart, all 3 of you.

  16. {{{{{{Sparkysmom, Brain, Matt}}}}}}}}} Ai fink teh advices are teh gudgudugd — if teh kitteh or doggeh is on teh younger side adn dere is a chance of cure or extended tiem wif quality ob lief, den teh vet onkolojist can be your bestbestbest friend in teh whirled for teh sake ob your bebbeh. But if a full lief habs been lived, adn quality is going or gone, den dis last kindness is teh right choyce. Twas so wif mah first doggeh — once we treated adn won; den teh sekkund tiem it were his tiem to go on ahead.

    Mai iis are leaking for yoo, adn ai is sending hugs adn prayers. For teh hoomans, is nebber teh rite tiem adn alwais too soon. Ai is sew sowwy.

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