Dr.Gizmo am Getting Married

Dis b frum OzCatzMum:

Ai can put dis heer? Kthx.

On Sunday 7rd August, our berry own DrGizmo is getting MARRIFIED!!!!

Sew we thot we wood haz a HEN PARTY to sillybrayt.
Dere will be shampers, nibblols, partee games an FUN!!

Oh – an ov cors, CAEK!

Time: 5pm (TTI time, Caturday 6th August. (For most ov u thats tumorrow. In US tahts about midday on teh Eest coast (aifinkso).
Sew taht wood be teh 9am LOL? Is ai rite?

Ware ur best posh hat an join us for a LOL o sillybrayshun. See u dere…. um…heer.



6 thoughts on “Dr.Gizmo am Getting Married

  1. Ai will bee dere in speerit butt (!) unfourchoonatlee Ai am nawt Intarwebd at hoem [Ai liek beeing diss kunektid frum teh wurld awn teh weekndz!] … sew pleez tew haz a glaz ov shampoo fer me adn ov coarse awl mai bestesesest witchz tew Dr.Gizmo!!
    Teh caek am chawklit? *sniff*

  2. Dis am wundermouse newz! Ai woan be ablol to attend cuz mai beautimouse grnadaughtr am coming ober to paly wif meh, butt (!) ai will be there in sprirt! Conuptulashuns to DrGizmo! *frows confetti*

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