Annipuss am Saif


20 thoughts on “Annipuss am Saif

  1. Stay safe from harm, annipuss and everyone!
    Mai cween, I have been to OKC a number of times. I also cannot bring myself to go to the monument.

  2. Stay safe all of Londenerz. We are all thinking about you. {{{{{{{{ebberybody and dere famblies adn friends and peeps adn pets}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. My thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. *Sending beems of love, peace & healing to all Londoners* {{{{{{Anni, Nenne & all affected}}}}}}. My prayers also for the emergency services (police, firemen & ambulance). *Sendings beems of strength, courage & protection to all the emergency workers*. I hope all the riots end soon without any more damage. oxox

  4. beemz tew awl our cheezefrends in affektid places….Ai am down in Portsmouth….scarilee dere has been reports uv trubblol startin in nearby Southampton….is nawt happenin here but ai dunt ebben feel safe in mai own home….i hassa glad bebbeh Mike is wiv his granparents atm. Anni, nenne, pleez tew tayke care and be safes. xxxx

    luv Zelkina an famblee

  5. Thx fur awl teh gud wishiz. (*whispurz* Nennepus libs in Oslo, Norway -ware dey had trubblols far wers as fur az libez lost)
    Ai wull be berree caerful ware Ai goe til dis haz been stawpt.

  6. Bee cairful Annipuss, kepin u in meh fawts n prayerz u’ll be saif.
    (prayers fur dems in Norway tu)


  7. So glad to hear it anni! I saw some news elsewhere that our cheezefriends MollyB and PhilTudor are both also okay. Beeeams and prayers to all peeps and emergency support folks. Stay safe TTI friends!

  8. On the plus side, many Londoners were out today with brooms and brushes to help council employees clean up the mess and a woman in my area was visiting small shops that had been affected just to offer support and to help if needed.

    • I saw that on the on-line CNN info. That was a great thing for people to do. It shows not all are “hooligans”.

      Keep safe Ms Annipuss – we need your happy voice everywhere.

  9. {{{{{Annipuss, Nennepus in Norway, and all our TTI frends}}}}}
    These acts are so destructive and terrifying. We are all saddened for you, and with you. As an ex-New Yorker, I also understand how distressing it is to have such violence occur in your own neighborhood. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep safe, be well, and keep us informed.

  10. O fank u fank u t2 postifying dis komminty fred! Ai nawt wunting 2 sleeping twonite wivout teh noeing wevver Anni am otai. I haz menny RL frenz in TTI an ai hazza whir reed bowt dem awl. O plz Boss ob Ceiling Cat! Maek dem peeps shamed ov demselbes an hoaw dey be hurtifying dere own naybors! 😦

  11. Annipuss, I iz thankin bout you and sendin beems of protection and luvs tu yu and yur cuntry!! Pleez stay safe. Pleez tu bii keepin us updated awn yur sit-u-a-shun. Luvz and beems frum KY, USA

  12. Things were mainly quiet in London last night – trouble of a copy-cat sort broke out in other cities in TTI. I went to my local supermarket this morning. Apart from daily papers not having been delivered, all was well there, but a bar and cheque cashing shop opposite had been trashed. The bar had all windows boarded up – one had a big banner saying they were still open.

    • I wuz outta media kontak awl day yesserdai adn diddin noe anyfing abowt dis sadnuss until dis moaning. I beleeb inn retro aktib prayr adn am sendin beemz bakwords tu yu adn awl Lundunurz–glad finz aer lukin up sum tudai!

      An Nenne, I noe dat juss cuz storeez move outta teh gnuz duzzint meen awl iz hopscotch adn candy barz agin. Holdin yu adn awl Norway up in luv.

  13. {{{{{{Annipuss}}}}}}} Plz to be saif! Ai am so sawry abowt teh trubbles in TTI. Ai rememberer teh riots of 1968 in KC wen Dr Martin Luther King was killed. It wuz a scarified tyme. Mai hart goes owt 2 awl dose affected. Plz to stay in and be saif! Hedbonks & purrs!

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