DrGizmo & MrDrGizmo

DrGizmo gotted married last Sunday in TTI and now shii and MrDrGizmo am hunnymooning in Hawaii. Here am a pixor uv hur and hur hansum hubby on dhier wedding day.

Shii sez:

ai hafnt had a chans tu reply tu teh messijis awn deh Cryer oar my cheez profyl yet but ai will wen ai’m hoam in Septemburr. Cud yoo mebbeh menshun dat ai am nawt ignorifying peeps adn am jut away awn mai hunnymune? Ai nawt want dem tu fink ai nawt appreeshiates dere lubbly adn kynd messijis!

Lawts uf Hawaiian hugs,

15 thoughts on “DrGizmo & MrDrGizmo

  1. Ooh, aah, pretty — and so is the bride! (Sowwy, got distrackted by teh eyecandy on teh left.)

    Srsly, tho, wot a loverly yung leddy Dr.Gizmo is, and wot a loverly dress! Tehy looks vairy happeh (as well they might) and ai whishes them awl teh best in their brite new lifes togevvur.

  2. Oh Oh Oh! Ai habs teh happiest ob happees fur bof ob yoo! Ai bets it was eggstraw byootimus wedding. Teh Princess adn ai sendify awl bestbestbest wishes, prayers, adn hoeps for a joyous lief togebber for yoo.

  3. Wot a lubly pare yew maek!! adn lubly dres adn flowas adn gardin adn …… luks laik jusss a reely lubly dae! Awl bestest wishez tew yew bof, happee eva afterz.

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