Miha Gets Anuzzer Lyfe

Dis gr8 nooz am frum ‘Niser:

Ohai cheezfrenz,

Last Friedegg, ai poastid seberal commints awna LOL, sayin dat wee hadz mayde teh deesishun tu helf ower littlol Miha cross teh raynebow bridje. Hurr izza 17-yeer-olde diabetik gurl, an haz hurr guud daze an badd. Wel, hurr hadd seberal berry badd daze inna rowe, wiffa lotz ob payne in hurz tummee an teh moast unbee leevablol pleh fings comin owt ob datt littlol bodee awntu mai lawndree ruum flore. Hurr wuz crabbee awl teh thyme an ai wuz afeerd dat hur wud byte wun ob us oar goe affer hurr sisturr, Asti. Ai prayd datt CC wuud guide mee tu du teh rite fing, den deesided tu mayke an pointment awn Mundane mornin.

Wel, ai nawt noez iffn hurr herd me an hubcat tawlkin bowt dis oar wut, butt (!) ober teh weekend, hurr getz bedderer, an bai Mundane mornin wuz brite eid an bushee taylold. Ir wuz lyke hurr sed, “Ai doin juss fyne, fank Q berry mush! Noe moar tawlk bowt teh sleepy fingy, iz nawt mai thyme yett!” Teh V-E-T awlew sugjestid dat wee diyal bakk teh insulin uh bitt tu helf wif teh pleh diya reeya. Hurr haz bin fyne awl weekweekweek, hurr sistum iz bakk tu normul an hurr iz uzin teh litterbocks aggen (eggsept hurr stil peez awn teh lawndree ruum flore–no beeg deel.) Soe….fawlse alarm!

Fank Q soe mush tu awl hu reespondid tu mee an foar awl teh kynd werdz, bofe awna LOL an awn mai profyle. Der R thymes ai dunt noez wut ai did beefoar ai fownd cheezland an itz wunnerful, kynd inhabitentz. Izza troo blessing.


24 thoughts on “Miha Gets Anuzzer Lyfe

  1. Dans dans dans fur Miha’s new lyfe! Leep inna ayer twurl flip pownse! Iz mos wunnermouse nooz an ai’s sew gladgladglad tu heer it!

    Miha sez “rumers ob mai deff r gratelee eggsajeratid”.

    {{{Niser, Mr. Niser, & Miha}}}

  2. 4 miha

    teh valyunt hero tayks teh stayj
    iz tole 2 putt it bak
    wayvz 2 awl hur skreemin fanz
    fawlz froo a unseen crak
    (ai mented 2 do taht)

    teh valyunt hero givz a bow
    2 awl teh peeplz tehre
    pikz up ungrownded my kree fone
    gose flyin froo teh ayr
    (mented 2 do taht 2)

    teh valyunt hero tryse wunse moer
    2 adress teh cheerin mob
    fines taht noe wunz lissnin
    givz it up az a badd job
    (neber wuntid 2 tork 2 tehm enny wae)

    teh valyunt hero leevz teh stayj
    adn heds bak hoem 2 rest
    cuz wen awl iz sed adn dun
    beein at hoem iz best
    (ai noo taht)

  3. O Niser, sutch haphaphappee nooz! Mai hart iz fulla joy foar yu, yoor hubcat, an liddle Miha.

    “O happy day, calloo, callay, he chortled in his joy!”

  4. OMCC!!!! Wot wunnermuss noos! It remines me ob my resent crysis wif my Smudge, wen he losted wait adn was maykin stinkystinky messes owtsyd teh boks. In hims case, it wuz frum eeting part ob a plastik gross ree bag taht was werkin its way froo hims dye jestib sistem. Wen teh plastik caym owt, he went bak tu bein hims elf agin. I felt the pain you must have felt, thinking that his time had come, adn den – poof (oar shud I say poop) I had my furbebbeh bak. Wotteber Miha’s prollem wuz, I hoaps itz gone fur good! *dans dans dans*

  5. {{{{Niser & Miha}}}} {{{{Cat Burgh & Smudge}}}}
    Dese are berry happeh newses of recubbery! Cat Burgh: Our v-e-t, or ravver, his kindly techtech lady, warned us of letting kittehs play onionsoup-ervized wif such fings az grow shree bags, ribbons, twistee ties an worst of all, the tempting, shy-knee Kipsme tinsel! [Our Feckless does hoard de milk reeng fingies, tho– she “buries” ’em unner all da rugs inna house, like a goggy. At least those are less swallow-able. Yur storee of the gross ree bags braut back da sad memreees of our local zoo’s last polar bear. He died a few yeers ago, just a week or so after his mate died of an ectopic pregnancy she’d been keeping secret from her keepers. Necropsy showed Papa Polar didn’t die ub broken heart, but from a swallowed plastic grow-shree bag that had flown into the bear pits & blocked his colon. I hate, hate, hate how those fingies can fly frew the air for miles & get stuck in trees for years & years and now all the more so for killing our last beloved polar bear:'( Another reason I am firm believer in the ecolo-canvas reusable kind of grocery bags.

  6. O such joyified gnus!!!! Wii iz sew haphaphapee for awl ob yoo — may yoo hab muchly much tiem togevver wif eberbuddy feeling fine.

  7. *Joynz teh dans, dans, dansing*
    *Twerlz an leepz an terjitayz*
    *Fawlz ober*
    Ai ment tu du dat.
    *Getz upp an waybes ohai tu teh norf, souf, eest an westt at awl teh cheezfrenz*
    Fankeez awl!! Ai am berry blesst!!

    • Iz wundermous gnus about Miha. Izza good fing dat will keep her going for sum time yet, aifinkso. It always makes me feel muchly better to hear about furbeebehs dat surpass da odds.

  8. ohmygooness ! such happi news !
    I feel so lucky to b aroun awl yu gr8 cheezypeeps! when I hab da trubble, (purrsonal or kitty-related) I hab lerned to come heer, an I awlways gets da wise advising an lubly gud wisehes an beems dat helps so much ! dey reely duz !
    for awl yu wise an sperienced peeps, an for da lubly V-E-Ts too, who takes da tyme to slowly an kindly splain fings to us- I fank CC !

  9. OMCC, ‘Niser!!!! Ai did nawt see ur comments abowt dis but ai is berry happytayl tu hear teh gud gnus! So glad that Miha (ai alwais wanna spell dat “Mija”…lol) is bettur! Yay! 🙂

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