KC CheezeeMeet Uppydate #2

Dis am frum SparkysMom:
Latest nooz onda much looked-forward-to Kansas City Cheezmeet, Ockkytowbrrr 21st – 23frd 2011

da history:

this meet was originally designed as a time when those ob us frum ICHC who have been frienden and helpin Kctailkinker thru her 2+ yrs ob medical an financial H**L cud get 2 gevvur an meet hur IRL , an meet each uvver- but it wuz immediatly apparent that, since KC be so centrally located it wuz a great opportunity to get 2 gevvur wif a whole lotta da Cheezpeeps, frum awl ober! so we announced it on da Cryer, an we b gettin a good response!

da date wuz picked bcuz Kctailkinker is scheduled for knee replacement sir jury in aug, and we added 8 weeks for hur 2 recuubber, and wound up with Oct 21-23. this issa good date I fink cuz I wanted nawt hot an nawt burried in snow, so I fink we havva chance wif dis weekend. (altho I dont trust da wevvur, we still gotz to try !)


(der b a small, core group ob us gonna do dees fings an n e budy else who wants, can come too!, but ifn yu wants todo sumfin else, dat b fine too!)

  • friedegg nite approx 7 pm- dinner an furst meetin ob cheezpeeps- at “Cheeseburger in Paradise” restaurant at the Legends Mall in KC, KS
  • Sat am- brekfass on yur own- 10am meet at and tour da Deanna Rose Farmstead- olde tyme Kansas farm, wif lottsa aminals for pettin an feeding.
  • Sat lunch- we b grabbin a sammich at da farmstead
  • Sat pm- tour da Toy and Miniature Museum (see der website)
  • Sat nite- BBQ at Arthur Bryants restaurant, back at da Legends. ( since we b in KC, we hasta do da Q ! Rite?
  • Sunday- 10 am brunch at da Blue Nile Cafe ( Ethiopian food ! oooo ! exotic !) at the City Market- my treat!  Da market b open at 8 am, so come early an browse da market !
  • after da brunch we b goin to da Arabia steamboat to tour it, den we b browsing da market itself SHOPPIN ! Yippy!

please note: n e buddy can do ne fing dey wants to, tho we wud love to awl get 2 gevver at least to eat an ob corse talk n laff an share pics !
we hab left many hours free in each day to nap, or watch TB or just chill, or sit around wif new friends. (purrsonally i am spendin a lotta time in my in-room jacuzzi/spa baff at my hotel, da chateau Avalon !)

ifn yu wanna attend, just let me know, send me a e-meow at melody(dot)colville(@)gmail(dot)com

an I will putchew onda list for uppydates an info as we get it

Welcome Awl ! cant wait !


5 thoughts on “KC CheezeeMeet Uppydate #2

  1. KCTailkinker here! Ai haz a hyooog happytail and so eggscited abowt the Cheezmeet! *BOWNSBOWNSBOWNSBOWNS* (Ai fink ai am part Tigger, aifinkso!) Ai wanna meet alla mai noo and nawt-old frens and stuffs! So, plz to cum to KC cuz wii reely hab a lawta gud places 2 go and see and grate fuds and stuffs! Happytails!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like fun. Maybe I can tear myself away from my kittehs! Fankees for the work you put into planning this event!

  3. Iz sew gudgudgudeggstrawgud to sees yoo on teh board KCT!! I haz to be at stoopy work dat weekend, sew ai wills be wif yoo in spirit. Mai spirit lieks to go shoe shopping, sew….

    Anyhoo teh Princess adn ai wills do teh happy tail wag-‘n-bouns for yoo awl dat weekend!

  4. Tihs will bee mai nawt-sekkund reel Cheezmeet, and ai is beri-beri egg sited too! Ai has alreddee cleered tihs on mai skejul! Yeay!

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