KCT tu See DrTinyCat

Dis just in frum Sparkysmom:

ohai, Cheezpeeps!  just a note, to let yu know that 2day (wed) is Kctailkinkers doctors appt wif da “fixify my knee” doc.  2day she will find owt ifn he can do da sir jury to gib hur a new knee!  plz b sendin da beems ob gud luck for hur ! dey werks, yu know!

20 thoughts on “KCT tu See DrTinyCat

  1. Moas deff in it lee duz Ai send beemz adn prayerz and happitale thotz tew Kctailkinker fer a bran noo nee taht will stae wer itz spose tew adn nebber ebber EBBER AGIN gibz hur enny trubble!!

  2. =================================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Gud News Beems

  3. Menny, menny pawzitive beams & wishes to Kctailkinker from across our state in St. Looouis! I surely hope the sawbones can sign her up for dis pro seed your! Ebryone ai knows who’s had it done has been thrillified wif the results, in clue ding mai esteemed favver-in-lore, who had it done on first knee at 85 yeers young. Iff’n he has 2nd knee done, mebbe he can even return to his beloved game of goff, albee it wif a motorized goof cart. My bruvver’s muvver-in-lore was able to resume gardening an was so berry, berry mush happier arfter her sir jury. And same story wif sevveral uvvers. Vey needed lotsa halp right after, when kneading to heelify, an’ rehab was sear ye us werk, but dey all said was berry, beary wurf it!

  4. I just got a short phone call with an update. I’ll let KCT fill you in with moar de tails later.

    Teh “fixify mi knee” doc says he wants to wait anudder 1 or 2 monfs to be sure teh pleh infecshun is all gone before he puts in teh gnu gnee. Moar tests are ordered. We dun wanna taek eny chances because if teh infeshun returns after dis sir jury, she wud lose teh leg. We dun want that. Ur infecshun fightin high beems have dun gud, but they still be needed, aifinkso! Thanks for all ur support. {{{{{Cheezpeeps}}}}} Ur teh bestest!

  5. >>>>>>>>>prayers n beems continuing>>>>>>>>>>>>>fanks fer de updating>>>>>>
    im sure iffen yawl want pocketriders for support that can be arranged. 🙂

  6. Aiz goin to deh cann dil plays – (gratefulness.org) an serchifying out deh Group ‘Cheez’ an maekin beams fur deh kittehz heelification wif deh candle named KCTA…

  7. Good luck KCTailkinkers, I’ve got two new knees, the pain ended 5 1/2 & 6 years ago fro me, its a little bit hard to return to normal, HOWEVER do LEG lifts on the leg that will have the operation, GET IT STRONG, its what makes it easier to function after the operation that’s part of recovery too,hab a nies recuboree form teh opor….opry……owpur……sir gerr ree wif menne warm cups ob tee & CAEK!!!!!!!!

  8. Ai wanna say fank u awl foar awl teh gud and heeling beems and prayers and stuffz. Foar dose uv u hoo doan no meh, ai had 2 pleh infekshuns dat cud hab had KCT go ober teh bridj. 2 different types uv infekshuns. Ai ben wifowt anty biawtics sens 7/5/11. The orthopod iz bery pleesed abowt dis fing butt iz cawshus to wate cuz if Ai gawt a noo knee and Ai gawt anuvver infekshun, den Ai will lose mai leg. So, Ai will appreesheeate it if u gibs meh prayers and gud and heeling beems 2 continue.

    Fank u so mush!

    Hedbonks & purrs!


  9. Father, we know that You are in charge, and we trust that You will get this all taken care of. Thank You for the healing You are doing! Please bless our Carol with peace and grace through all of this. In Jesus’ Name—amen.
    Love you bunches! —janey

  10. Ohai KCT! You remain in my prayers, as always. Our mercifull Father has brought you this far, he won’t let go of you now.

  11. KCT: We’re fighting right along with you for this to be a successful knee replacement this time. I hope you can feel the healing beams going out right now and that they will continue for as long as you need them.

  12. Teh Princess adn ai wills be prayifying sooooooooo hard. Ai kno it must be disappointing to habs to wate, but it wills go bi fast, adn den — a brand noo nee! Wii iz sending britest hihihi beeeeeeeeeeeemz for dis plan to be successful. Hang in dere, KCT!!!

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