Casa de los Gatos

Sparkysmom sendinged mii dis:

Oh, my cween !  da kittehs needs us !  I founded dis on IMMD – i gabe a small munnie, yu can do it wif da paypal inna cupple klicks.


Charity of The Week: Casa de los Gatos


Casa de los Gatos is Arizona’s largest no-kill cat shelter. Founded in 2005 by Beth Montes, the shelter initially functioned as a sanctuary for special needs cats. Before long, Casa de los Gatos expanded to serve all cats. They have since taken in newborns, abandoned senior cats, and several unclaimed cats that lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina.

Now, Casa de los Gatos needs some help. They are almost out of food and litter for the cats and their gas has been shut off. They are asking for donations to help get the gas turned back on, and to pay for rent and other bills.

To donate, or learn about other ways you can help, visit



8 thoughts on “Casa de los Gatos

  1. Fankew fur postifying dis! Ai haz aawlso gibbed a small munnie. Ai sendz dem beemz, tu. Ai bisited deyr interweb syte, adn ai lubz dat dey is kage-free. Ai haz alwais hadd mis-givvings abowt no-kill shelters dat keeps de kittehs inde kages. No kitteh shud hab tu livving dere hole lyfe inna kage. Aifinkso dat be a fate wurs dan deff fur a kitteh.

  2. Does everyone know about the animal rescue site, where everything you buy (and they have some great stuff) goes to help animals, and you can click for free to donate food?

    • Dere is alzo da non-profit Freekibble site, wair you can Ann Sir daily mull-tribble choyce tribbia qwestions, 1 for goggies, 1 for kittehs, to donate free kibble fore each [eeben if you get the answer wrong, wish ai orphan duz;-]
      Wiff boaf sites, u can haz a subscripshun to get daily reminders in ur emayo bocks, so it’s no tribble atall!
      Jesh one note– the Animal Rescue Site and its sister sites, The Breast Cancer Site, The Autism Site, etc. [to wish ai also subscribify, becuz I hazza a lot of dose in my fambly], are FOR profit sites, so their donation is not all ub dare prophets, but ravver a small purr scent age. The items you can order are the same for each site, but I believe the charity which receives the donated percentage depends on the site from which you place order.

  3. Serena D syded 2 gibs sum uv hur tithe munnies 2 D AZ kittehs, 2! Shii lykes 2 luk owvr hur momkat’s showldr wehn shii’s reedin teh J.A. Jance missterees wihch R set N Pima Cowntee! Hooray!

  4. Fankies fur posting this – it really struck a cord with me as one of my fur babies is a special needs cat (he’s in my profile pic and is slightly brain damaged). Despite his “disability”, Yoda is the most beautiful boy with a lovely nature. Ai gladly gab sum monies. ~Shadowcat xo

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