Sad news from ‘Niser

Our friend ‘Niser posted today:


*lolspeak off*
Friends, this morning I helped our little Miha cross the rainbow bridge. She was in pain most of the time, and I knew she wasn’t happy. I made the appointment yesterday morning, then immediately questioned my right to choose a date and time to end her life. Last night, I asked God for a sign that I was doing the right thing.
This morning, my husband got up to get ready for work and I followed him downstairs shortly afterwards to check on Miha. As I came down the stairs, he said, “It’s no good. She’s crying.” I raced the rest of the way down to find her in great distress, crying in pain. I sat down beside her, stroked her fur and talked to her softly. Within about ten minutes, she was comfortable and purring softly. But I knew it wouldn’t last, and I had gotten about as clear a sign as I could have.
MIHA 1994-2011
Rest in peace, our little angel. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.*


RIP Miha and beams of love and heart-healing to you ‘Niser.

48 thoughts on “Sad news from ‘Niser

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{***’Niser**Hubby**Sweet good Miha***}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    May peace come to all of you. Our Friends-In-Fur don’t live as long as we do. They come in joy and make our lives better for their blessed presence and then they return to the Great Unknown, leaving us in other paws. Their love remains with us though, as well as the sweet memories we’ve made together. I think they never are all that far away; we just can’t see them any more. Their tread is silent in the house but the essence of them stays on, sweet and peaceful, grateful for the love we gave and continue to give to them.


  2. {{{{{{{{‘Niser adn Famblee}}}}}}}} Dear little Miha told you you were doing the right thing to help her cross the Bridge. She will always live in your heart. Bless you for your courage, Sweet’Niser.

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{‘Niser adn Famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I know it is small comfort right now, but when Miha asked for your help to cross over you were right there for her, and she crossed peacefully in the love and safety of your arms, where she had lived her life in joy. I am certain she blesses you for that and loves you right now this minute as much as ever. She is pointing you out from the Bridge and telling all the other animals what great humans she has. Miha will never leave you, she’s yours and you are hers forever. Even so, this is such a painful time and my heart is with you in sadness.

  4. Deear ‘Niser and hubbycat, My profound sympathy to you both. I have followed how hard you have tried to keep Miha doing well but we know an end is always near. I share the pains you feel and believe you have many happy memories to bring the smiles to your hearts. She will wait for you and you will have a happy reunion when the time is right. {{{ ‘Niser and family}}}. Maree

  5. {{{{{{{{Miha, ‘Niser, and fambly}}}}}}}
    I am so sorry for your loss, but you’ll always have wonderful memories of your sweet little girl, and you absolutely did the right thing. Which always hurts, but do take comfort in the fact that you held her during her journey over the Bridge and that she’ll be waiting there for you some day FAAARRRR in the future.

  6. Dear One, Love and Light to you, Little Miha, and all your Dear Family, always. We share your pain as we share your love for the Little Ones. They Bless our lives constantly . I know that, without Them, I couldn’t make it. Much Love, Nippy.

  7. Oh, dear Niser, it is such a hard thing to have to do, but such a gift for them. Many hugs and kisses from ours to you, and many hugs from me.

  8. {{{{{{{{{{{{‘Niser adn hubby}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} U didded deh berry bestest fing u kud. It am nebber eezy, but deh Miha fankingz u fur deh end uv deh pain.

  9. Your little girlie Miha won the kitteh lottery when she got you and your loved ones as a fambly. Not only did you love and spoil her, but you gave her the priceless gift of a painless and dignified easing into her next place. God rest her tiny furry soul and may you find peace in the knowledge her spirit is inside you forever.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Miha’s liddlol fambly}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. I’m so sorry, ‘Niser. It’s hard to lose someone you have loved with all of your heart. You were brave and compassionate to give her a peaceful crossing. {{{{{‘Niser adn Miha}}}}} {{{{{‘Niser and Miha’s family}}}}}

  11. We aren’t sure we can post here, but we’re gonna try.
    Bless your heart ‘Niser. Your decision was compassionate, courageous and unselfish and we commend you for it. We know your hearts are breaking even though you know that, now, your Miha has escaped her pain. {{{{{Miha’s family}}}}}

    • Fank Q soe mush ebbreewun! Iz hard, butt (!) cheezfrenz maykes it eezier by farr! Yu R awl soe speshul tu mee an teh kyndest bunsh ob peeps ai habs ebber noen.
      Azza tribyoot, ai habs deesydid tu list teh fings ai lubbed teh moast abowt Miha! Yay!
      1. Hurr wuzza kitteh’s kitteh. Aloof. Onlee wantz teh petteez awn mai termz. Termz tu come frum mai loyer. Tayka numburr tu adore mee an dat iz nawta gare un tee!
      2. Darkk chalklitt brown furr. Beeyotimuss!!
      3. Hurr lubbed tu tawlk an wuud anser enny kweschun yu mite habs.
      4. Hurr lyked hurr littlol drinkeez frum teh fawsett, an wuud greetz mee ebree mornin sittin awn hurr “pink froan” (aka teh toilitt seet.) Pleez tu turning awn teh wadderz!
      5. Hurr satt wif mama in teh stoodeeyo ebree daye sins mama wuz unemployd, an wee bondid lawtz in teh lasst yeer ob hurz lyfe. Yu seez, beefoar dat, hurr wuz prittee mush Daddeez gurl.
      6. It beekayme apparint in teh fynal daze ob hurr lyfe datt hurr lubbed hur mama berry mush, an dis wuz berry speshul tu mee. Awlsew, ai wuz berry angree bowt gettin laid awf, butt (!) dis happinstance allowd mee tu habs moar thyme wif hurr at teh end ob hurr lyfe. Hao abowt dat–iz lyke it wuz ment tu happin!!
      7. Shee wuzza guud gurl. Ai lubbed hurr an shee mayde mai lyfe bedderer. Eeben affer tuday, ai wuud nawt trayde wun minnit wif hurr. Mai sweet littlol gurl. Mama lubs yu!!

  12. ai tolded my deer Brain dat yur lubly Miha is awn da way an he iz watchin for her- she will b met by hmz byootimus tall grey n white self, an introduced to my lubly Mousse who wuz also darkest chocolat in color! she haz friends waitin der for hur, an will neber b alone!
    yu know yu did the-rite-but-so-hard-fing. yu miss hur, we know. I still get da leeky eys when I see a pic or vid ob a tri-color toy fox terrier cuz I miss my Sparky-dog so much.
    ai b sendin beems ob cumfert tu yu an yur famblee
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>niser an famblee>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    will see yu at da meet n gib yua hug IRL !

  13. My deepest condolences on your kitteh’s crossing the rainbow bridge. It’s never easy going through this when they such beloved members of the family. {{{Miha and ‘Niser}}}

  14. I’m so sorry for your loss. Another friend had to help her kitty to the Rainbow Bridge today, too. (this is written after midnight, but to me it’s still Wednesday) She was happy with you and now she doesn’t hurt any more. ((((((((Niser and family))))))))))

  15. (((((((((Niser and family)))))))

    Miha is not lost, just gone beyond to the timeless meadow where she is romping and playing and making new friends, but never far from the Golden Gates where she keeps watch for her humans to appear.

  16. I haz leeky eyes for Miha , dey iz lubblee dearhearts dat awr berry haerdz to sae bai bai tew kuz dey iz famblee, dey iz oar lil kitty kids wif ‘mazin’ purr sun alotees ob lub & joyusnus tew us, we awr dere “mawmeez & daydeez” & wubz dem berry berry muches tew :*(
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Niser & Miha adn famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  17. ai sew sawri, ‘Niser. Miha lubbed berree mush in life bai yoo, an ai sens beems yur wai to heel yur hart. ai shares teh leekee aiis wif yoo, mai cheezfren. wi lubs yoo!

  18. Oh, ‘Niser, I am so sorry for your sad loss! Eye bee moasly a lurker hoo enjoyifies da lols an da Hi-Larry-us cawmints an ohaiku an pun-runs when aiz gawt thyme to reads fru ’em, wifout particlol… party-sippy … wifout taking part in fings like da collektibles an cheez-meats an’ such… But ai shoor nose da reggae-lures’s naymes an lol-skills. Moar important, I BERRY identify wiff da cheez peeps moast of awl in dare/ in yoor/ in all o’HOUR’s enormnabus lub an affex-shun an NEED, really, 4 our beautimus an soft and floofy friends-in-fur [lubb Maryh’s wunnerful term fer our feline fambly members!] I still call mine my Babycat, tho it shox me to really-eyes she already has 9 years!

    Sew dis sad news an all teh heartfelt comments ob condolence gave me the leaky eyes. Den ai read your most lubberly and poi-nyent tribute an now ai can haz a berry lumpy froat,tew. …Altho your item 3 gave me a smile, becaws you habs such a wunnerful tern of frays! And that describes my girl, too. Your eye-tum 5 alzo hits home, tho abowt a hew-mon fambly member, because I yam also a long time unemployee. But not long after my layoff, my mom got very, very sick and needed lots of care and driving to docs and interpreting b/w her & them [stroke-speak being harder than lolspeak]. Then one day, as I was driving her home from the latest hospitalization, my mother, who was not very verbal at all most of that time, sighed and said perfectly clearly: “You know, Mary, I don’t know WHAT I would do if you WERE employed right now! There’s no way you could do all this and keep a job.” Put things in perspective, as you said. And when I was with her, sobbing at the end, a wonderful nurse gave me a bear hug and consoled, “no more pain, no more pain.”
    {{{{{{{{{{‘Niser and family}}}}}}}}}}

  19. So, so sorry to hear your sad news {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{‘Niser and Mr ‘Niser}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Yew did onlee teh bestest fore Miha, luvved her sew mutch adn halped her wehn herz had payn.

  20. {{{{{‘Niser & hubbycat}}}}} I was so sad when I saw the post on ICHC. I’ve been through this so many times and it doesn’t get easier. My eyes are leaky again from reading your tribute. You and hubbycat were great humans for your fur beebeh.

  21. O Niser, ai am so sawry foar ur loss uv Miha. Ai wuz so sawry to heer abowt Miha butt u did da rite fing. Ai doan no ifn ai wud be strawng enuf. Miha trusted u wif her life and she trusted u wif her deth. Sumtimes wii hab tew do bof fings. Life and Deth. She iz no lawnger in pain. She will be wayting foar u at teh Bridj wen da tiem cums. {{{{Niser & hubby}}}}} {{{{{Miha}}}}} CC noes u lub her and will tayke gud caer uv her. CC will protek her until teh day u see her agin. Hedbonks & purrs!

  22. Awwwww, ‘Niser… sew sorry fur yoor loss, iz nebber eeaseeey.. mai prayerz ar wif yoo, n awl yoor lubbed wonz… We muss belebe ther iz a bedder Playce on teh udder side… Lubz to yoo, n condo lessons… God bless..((((((((((‘Nizer n famblee)))))))))) God speed, Miha!! (((((((Miha))))))

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