Scott iz in Hospitlol Agin

Dis came in late last nite frum AltoSinger:

He has been doing SO well—and the stupid C. dificile popped up again. He’s at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, room 285. I’ve been up since 2 AM (oh-dark-thirty!), but i wanted to let folks know what is happening. He is comfortable (hooray for the PCA!) and i would appreciate prayers for quick healing, so he can get back to the business of living. And that is all i can think of right now—thanks bunches, folks; the brain is already asleep, i think. GOD bless you all!
Liove you bunches! —janey


22 thoughts on “Scott iz in Hospitlol Agin

  1. Lotsa beemz adn lubz frum us Texians — jess tell ebberyboddee tew WARSH THARE HANZ!!! [C. diff. is one of the patient safety issues I work on daily. PLEH.]
    {{{{{{{{Scott adn Janey}}}}}}}}

    • Indeed! I have been very careful to wash my hands (i tend toward being sloppy about that, among other things). Wash your hands, in between your fingers and the tops of your hands. Wash up past your wristbones! And wash as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday To You” twice. That sounds a little strange, but that’s how long it takes to wash away the bad buggies. Thanks to all of you!
      Love you bunches! —janey (altosinger)

      • Even my niece who is [supposedly] non-verbal — oh, if ONLY 🙂 — due to autism knows to sing “HB” twice as she washes her hands … so you’d think grownups without learning disabilities could do it! Janey — everyone — please have NO QUALMS about asking your healthcare professionals to wash if you didn’t see them do it … C. difficile is called “difficile” for a reason!
        /off my soapbox/
        Hope things are getting better now — love, beemz, hedbonks, and prayers for a speedy recovery to Scott, and more of the same to you for strength and a little rest.
        {{{{{{{{Scott adn Janey}}}}}}}}

  2. {{{{Janey&Scott}}} Beemz and hoep taht teh releese from teh horsepital coems soonz!

    Aneeting butt (!) dat!

    manee manee beeeeeemzzz!

  3. O AltoSinger, ai am so sary dat Scott iz bak in da horse spittlol again! Ai hoep dey can halp him wif hiz sikniss. Ai am praying wif awl mai hart foar u and Scott! Ai am praying dat he getz beddur soon! {{{{{{/AltoSinger & Scott}}}}}}}

    We be hoam! Allada prairs an beemz an fings helpdid lotses. So MENNNY MENNY Fanks tew allayooz!
    I couldn’t talk to you all because Scott had the lappytop and the desktop was stuck on “receive”. I couldn’t write to ANYone. But we are all home and had a good night’s sleep and feel much more rested! GOD bless you all, and thank you again!
    Love you bunches! —janey (altosinger)

  5. Ohai frum a new cheezfrend. Ai work in a Hospital Lab that does C. diff. diagnosis. ai just wanted to add that the handy alcohol gel that they use in the horsepitals works great on staph. but doesn’t do diddly to C. difficile spores. So washey, washey, washey is the rule! Many beemz of healing to your Scott! 🙂

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