KCT Reddy fur Sir Jury

dis b frm KCT:

Ohai, mai cween!

Iz hoping u r well! Ai haz teh green lite tew hab sir jury awn 9/13 tew putt a noo nee into mai leg. It will hab meh hab a noo nee butt dat dey will tayke away sum uv mai shattered leg and putt noo hardware foar that tew. Ai iz eggs cited butt awlso berry scaredy cat. Ai wud like tew hab sum moar heeling beems, sum moar prayers, and lawtsa gud thots! Ifn ennywun wants tew send cards, ai wud reely appreesheeate it tew. It wud be to eever to Cattails oar tew KU Medical Center, 3901 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66160. Nao Ai doan no hao lawng ai will be dere. Ai will be in the horse spittle foar 4 dais and den ai will be in teh rehab area uv teh horse spittlol. Cattails or sumwun will let u noe wut iz happening. Dis is teh tiem ai ben wayting foar. Lubs 2 awl mai cheezfrens. Dey ar da wuns dat gawt meh throo teh nersing hoem and awl teh uvver fings. Cheezfrens forebber!!! Hedbonks & purrs!


20 thoughts on “KCT Reddy fur Sir Jury

  1. Beemz fur kwik heelen!!!

  2. Oh haow eggsitin ! an scarry !
    I b cleening owt da beemsendinmasheen, cleerin off da site an polishin da lens, gettinit awl reddy for tuesday ! gonna send beems ob courage an peace to KCT ! an da beems ob skill an finesse and lubs to da dockys an da nursees whut b helpin our KCT to a fuchur ob gud walkins an no pain ! ( an no stoopy ‘fecshun!) (polish,polish) I b pwactisin siten in on da slitelee norf n very easterly direction to Rainbow road (whut a pretty addy)in KC, KS !
    yep, here we go guys ! eberibudy get reddy for da huge beem sendin day!
    Go, Carol ! (KCT)

  3. Having had similar surgery, I think you will find it worth it in the long run. I know that’s easy for me to say. As you find yourself getting better and better, you’ll be agreein’ , aifinks!!

  4. Prayers frum us, adn frum teh house ob CC’s Boss dat ai attendify, adn frum awl teh sisters at my monastery…wii is awl wif yoo!!!! My dad just hadified dis sir jury, adn is so happy wif teh results, so ai hopes it wills be teh same for yoo! Teh Princess sends teh eggstraw gentle lubbing doggeh beeeeeeeeeeeemz, wags, and soft woofs too.

    Go KCT!!! Yoo is bwave adn stwong — wii noes yoo can do dis!

  5. Thoughts & Prayers to you KCT. I pray the operation will be successful and that you will make a speedy recovery with minimal pain. Take Care & Be Strong – God will be there with you protecting you. ox

  6. Ai sendin teh beems fur happitals dansdansdans wehn tihs is ova adn kwikkwikkwik recubbery adn nebbeh haz to go frew tihs again! Smoooos and hedbonks!

  7. Yay fur teh noo nee nooze! [Say TAHT fast three tiems.] Teh DCs adn Ai arr sendign lotsa beemz, hedbonkz, purrz, adn prayers fur a swiff rekubbery, noe payn, adn speshully NOE FECKSHUN!!!
    Your strength and grace in all of this is a wonderful lesson to your cheezfrenz, KCT. Wee lubz yew!

  8. Since sparkysmom is polishing the beemsendingmashine, I’ll be sterilizing the sirjury instruments adn the gnu nee hardware. I’ll be looking like a very strange kitteh with ebery appendage crossed dat I can. Sends good thoughts and beems and prayers fur a success this time with NO problums.
    GO KCT!

  9. Ohai, you don’t know me, but I have been following and I’m very excited for you. I know it’s scary, but you’ll go to sleep and wake up with a new knee. How wonderful!!! Then any pain you have will be healing pain and get better and better every day. I’m from KC, Mo, but I’ve been in GA since ’74. Love from another “Kansas City Kitty.”

  10. *ayes ar leekiy* Fank u awl foar awl teh wunnermuss beems and prayers and lub and gud thots. Mai ayes ar leeky.U awl hab ben halping meh during dis hole tiem. Ai am nawt braver oar ennyfing. Ai getz scareded and frusterated and stuffz. Butt awl teh tiem, Cattails remindeds meh awl abowt mai deer Cheezfrens. Ai doan no wut ai wud hab dun wifowt awl uv u. Reely. Ai doan no. Its ben awlmost 3 yeers since the first nee wus putt in and mai stroke and mai shattering ob mai feemur and mai sholder fixify and den, mai MRSA and Klebisellia Pneumoniae. Da laws ob mai nee and awlmost dying a yeer ago and den getting bery, bery sik and had teh nee taken owt. No, awl the Cheezfrens getz awl the akkolades foar getting meh thru. Foar awl teh prayers, awl the gud thots, and awl teh heeling beems and awl uv the cards, prezzies, letters and awl to support meh thru dis hole tiem. U awl get the credit. Gawta go nao. Mai ayes dey ar leeking werse.

  11. Thinkin adn prayerifying hardhardhard fur u adn ur gnu nee! Gentil squeezxiz, adn gno dat wee can hopp intu dat stoopy horsepittal goun adn holding ur hand awl da weigh fru sir jury adn heeling…(((((((((((((((((((KCT))))))))))))))))))

  12. O, KCT! ai haz uh glad u bee gittin teh noo nee soonsoonsoon! Ai noes eggs zackily weare teh Med Cenner am, ai seez itt in mah braynes, an teh beemz wil bee awn ohai goin strate dere awn Twosdie an afferwerds.

    Teh gud Lord blessing u 4 teh spedey an nawt-hertie rekubbery!


  13. KCT, i haz such gud thawts fur you! mai frend, who does the star reedin, she says that frum September 12 to September 22 things are awl lined up an awl fings point tu ‘good’, so dis is bestest tiem tu haz this dun! I iz sending lawts and lawts ob beems, ob energy an healing an strength!

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