Ambercat Crosses deh Bridge

😥  😥  😥  😥  😥  😥 Mai aiz are leeking frum dis nooz:  😥  😥  😥  😥  😥  😥


Ohai, mai cween. Ai seed dis sad noos awn teh Faysbuk tudaze, powstifyed bai Ambercat’s fren Emily Sykes:

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that Ruth passed away today
just before 3pm. She was at home and peacefully died with her wonderful family
and me by her side. Surrounded by so much love. You will be pleased to know that
Ruth was feisty and courageous and inspiring right up until the end. God bless
you Ruth xxx

Ai can has a sad.




16 thoughts on “Ambercat Crosses deh Bridge

  1. Oh no. My heart is breaking. If I am remember right, it is Ambercat’s rendition of ‘Memories’ brightened more days than I can tell you.

  2. wer tehre steps ai cud hav taekn
    did ai miss mai cyoo
    wer tehre wurdz ai shood hav spoekn
    woz tehre sumfin ai cud do
    cud ai hav held on tyter
    did ai hav 2 let yoo goe
    did ai hav 2 be comp lissit
    shud ai hav cride owt noe
    or woz it juss yoor tiem luv
    taht tiem taht cums 4 awl
    ar teh daez nao gettin shawter
    ar we heddin in2 fawl
    haz we livd owr golden moemintz
    haz teh gud tiems been adn gon
    muss ai let yoo goe ahed luv
    adn muss ai still soljer on
    if tihs reelly iz teh wae nao
    ai’l do wot ai muss do
    ai wil fite on throo teh hart ake
    til ai katch up wif yoo

  3. Oh, such sad news! As a relative newbie to Cheezland & an even more recent subscriber here, I did not know much about Ambercat, but I know from this page that she is well and dearly loved. I do remember the name, that she was quite a regular, and that I enjoyed her many, very clever and humorous posts. But I was not aware that grave illness was the reason her posts had stopped. Sending my deepest condolences to Ruth’s family and friends. May her memory comfort you. {{{{{Ambercat, family and friends}}}}}

  4. Go well, Ambercat, with love and blessings and many thanks for the gift of knowing you even just a little here in Cheezland. The butterflies I release today fly in your honour, and carry your name and story on their wings.

    *has teh leekee, leekee iis foar teh lawss ob anuvvur preshus Cheezfrend*

    {{{{{{{{{{Ambercat, hur Famblee an awl hur Frends}}}}}}}}}}
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cheezfrends ebbreewair}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  5. I’ve been away, and had no idea our Ambercat was not well. She always sang “Memories” better than anyone. I’ll always think of her when I hear that song. You will be remembered and missed.

    My deepest sympathies to her family.

    So, so, sad.

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