Ambercat has crossed the bridge.

KKM just posted this in the Group messages:

From Ruth’s Facebook page, posted by her friend Emily Sykes:

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that Ruth passed away today
just before 3pm. She was at home and peacefully died with her wonderful family
and me by her side. Surrounded by so much love. You will be pleased to know that
Ruth was feisty and courageous and inspiring right up until the end. God bless
you Ruth xxx


23 thoughts on “Ambercat has crossed the bridge.

  1. lolspeak off* I am so sorry for the loss of Ambercat/Ruth. She was a wonderful cheezfriend and a wonderful human. My eyes, they are leaking. We have lost so many in the last year or so. My heart goes out for her friends and family in the loss of Ambercat/Ruth. There are so many to be emulated and she was one. *lolspeak on* Mai ayes, dey ar leeking nao. Butt nao dere iz no payne, no sawrrow, no shadows butt nao she can see the kittehs an play and dansdansdans nao. She can see the sun and the sky ober teh Medow. CC bless hur forebber. {{{{{{Ambercat & fambly}}}}}}}

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Ruth — may my prayers bring you some peace for your hearts – please tell her family I send my prayers for them as well — such a sad time — wonderful friends wait over the bridge for her—-
    ❤ ❤

    • I guess we both posted about the same time. Yes it is very sad and I will miss Ruth popping in on the way to her dentist for a coffee and biscuit as well as the cheezmeets she organised. She is in no more pain and in the words of the poem recited at Remembrance Day ceremonies here “She will grow not old as we that are left grow old” {{{Cweenmj}}}} Ann.

  3. Oh, my breath is caught in my throat…I am so sad. I hope that she and her friends and family know how deeply she will be missed. {{{{{{{{{{Ambercat and Family}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. I really am in shock! Another beloved Cheezfren gone, my heart breaks anew, and I pray God will comfort her loved ones and give them Perfect Peace! I pray especially that He will meet Ruth with His open and loving Arms, as she leaves this temporary home and enters His beautiful Promise of Eternity! God bless you, Ruth, and make your journey one of peace and joy! You will be missed! We who remain behind say, well done, dear one! We will love you always!


  5. Ambercat, sit in the meadow & welcome all your old friends who’ve been ready to see you again, the Keows purring is VERY loud, the little yips of excitement from the goggies is building, be ready for all the love you’ve given them before they had to go over the Golden Bridge to be a tsunami of peace & beauty, tender & blessed love washing over you in waves of smiles, tears of joy, laughs at the silly antics they’re doing in the joy of seeing MAMA again, be prepaired to get your cheeks licked a lot (tickles too, doesn’t it?) with barks of excitement & also LOTS of Keow rubs against you & even Keow flops of joy on to you, & mass synchronized purring, dey wubs yew an wee missus yew wif leekee aiz.

  6. Ai iz sew very sorry. May teh Angels adn teh doggehs and kittehs leads hurr into Paradise. “Give rest, O Lord, to thy servant with thy saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting.” (Book of Common Prayer)

    Ai alsew habs teh leakee aiz. {{{{{{{{{Ambercat’s famblee adn friends}}}}}}}}}}

    • We will meet! Oh, yes, we will meet, and He will wipe every tear from our eyes. I am surprised, but grateful she is Home. My love to all her family and friends and prayers for peace of mind and heart.
      All my love—janey (altosinger)

  7. Oh mai gudness. Ai wasn’t aware it was so bad. I feel as if ai have let hur down. 😦

    It’s too late now. Rest in peace, Ambercat, and hope u are biking up and downhill in the Princess Mu meadow.

    • Upfi pleez nawt tu feel liek taht. Ruth was very brave an stoic and didn’t want peeps to be knowing awl teh ups an downs. She was fiting an feisty rite to teh end – butt(!) Ai nawt finkso enywun eggspektid teh end to be sew soon.

      She talked the talk and rode the road.
      Go well Ruth.

  8. Dear Ruth, you fought so hard and put on such a brave face. You gave so much to others by participating with such courage in the “Race for Life” cancer support campaigns. I will miss seeing you on ICHC in the mornings, your clever humour and your cheerfulness in the face of adversity. Now you are where there is no pain nor sadness, only peacefulness and calm. Rest in peace.

  9. I didn’t know, either, that Ruth was so sick. I had hoped to meet her at some point in England, since she lives close to my cousins. May her journey to The Meadow be swift and pleasant, and may we all have such grace at the end of our lives.
    {{{{{{{{Ambercat adn fambly}}}}}}}}

  10. I am so, so sorry that Ambercat has left us. I have always loved her comments and wit and energy. I have been without Internet for a week, so I didn’t know until today. My eyes are leaking, too.
    I have tears for someone I never met–I live across the ocean from her. Yet, I feel a great loss, a vacant place in the universe.
    I will try to love more and fear less.
    God bless her.

  11. *snif*
    As always, arriving late, and this time to horrible news. I knew Ruth had been ill, but didn’t realise she was currently ill – and SO ill – maybe that is how she wanted it. I don’t visit ICHC much any more and only met her once – briefly – but will always fondly remember playing with her – my TTI neighbour and partner in crime on so many occasions. I’ll be wearing my green floofy nikkers, hat and glubs in her honour. She was a funny person, and a kind person, and above all a brave person, and we will miss her greatly.
    SJ / Martoonie

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