Gnu Book

egg siting nooz frum Sparkeysmom!!

to day we got a pkg- copies of Matt’s book !  its been available as an Ebook on Amazon since I think feb. A graphics designer guy who read it an loved it asked to do the cover, for FREE, and did a great job ! Then another guy volunteered to help edit it, also for free, an also did a fine job. so Matt had Amazon print it up for him.  now you can buy it as a REAL book ! an hold it in yur hand!
“Priest” by Matthew Colville


4 thoughts on “Gnu Book

  1. oh wow, conga rats to him! how awsum to hab writted a book that peepls enjoy so much (an to get a free cover an free editing too!) dis iz awsum, an i wish him continyood success! 😀

  2. Dis iz eggsalad gnus! Many conga rats to Matt — iz quite teh project to wriet a book. Ai bets yoo iz prowd mamma! *heads ober to Amazon to check it out*

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