KCT Haz a Gnu Gnee!!!

W000T!!!!!!  *happydans!!  happydans!!  happydans!! *

Dis just in frum Cattailz:

Just got the call from Dr. Tinycat. KCT is in recovery. The surgery went well and she has a gnu gnee. She will be in in the hospital wing for a few days then transferred to in-patient rehab. Let teh sillybration and dansdansdansing begin!


20 thoughts on “KCT Haz a Gnu Gnee!!!

  1. Many Mazels to KCT on her gnu gnee! Adn Cowdogwah gibs eggsalad dye it airy adwise abowt de lyem jellio wif carrots. And donut eat dee eggsalad knee-vur!

  2. Oh, how good to see such encouraging news! Continuing prayers for complete healing!
    Love you lotses! —-janey (altosinger)

  3. Now KCT, you see how the exercises you did earlier will help you now, because they’re EXACTLY what the physical therapists will be asking you to do in PT or in patient rehab, I went to acute rehab, they all do the same thing, get you back on your feet & truckin’ on down the line again, I know you’re sore & hurt, but when you first go to PT, do this, LOOK at how far the other people went before they had to sit down, you just beat the pants off ’em, EXCUSE ME, I meant outdistance them.
    My first day in the walker I wasn’t too happy either but did go slightly further than the others, small bragging rights, my NEXT knee wasn’t any different but now I had REAL insight into what went down, you walked down a 30 foot walkspace with padded beds for exercise on each side, out thriugh the doors on the end, turn left in the hall, turn left again , go up to the side door & back in PT.
    The first knee took four tries to get all the way around with out sitting down, the second knee took two times before sitting back in the wheelchair, the HIP was ONE FELL SWOOP, I’d stop & lean down & rest on the walker for a few seconds but was DETERMINED to make it all the way around without sitting down, I did it, it just depends on your reference points, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RECOVERY — MINIMAL PAIN, MOST GAIN, GET ‘EM, KIDDO

  4. Yayyy!!! Happitayl danse fur KCT!! (carrots in lemun or oranje butt not poyson jello is gud stuffs butt in teh lime soundz ikky.. My Auntie Rosalie used to maek greated carrots in orange or lemun jello fur us as far back as I can rememberz. Maybe it taeks bein “raised on it to lieks. *gigglols*)

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Sew mush happinesses at dis nooz!! Teh Princess adn ai are dansdansdansing for joy for KCT, adn we can’ts wate to hear abowt teh first walkies!! Wii wills continyoo teh prayers adn beeeeeeeeeeemz for speedy healing. Wii is sew prowd ob yoo KCT!

  6. Yay adn yay fore KCT, ai haz a hudj happee fore yew adn sendin awl bestest wishez fore teh wawkin soonz. Pleez tew keep uz in teh piktcha wif how seh be doin {{{{{{{{{{{{{KCT adn Cattailz}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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