11 thoughts on “Epitaph for Ambercat: A story of courage

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{bluesfan473}}}}}}}}}}

    O, bloozfan, AI had no klue dat dis happened….tankies furrr posting!

    AI hazza leeki iis nao.

  2. Bluesfan, thank you for posting this. I had no idea her cancer was so bad…I’d gotten the impression that it was in remission. Her fine spirit carried her through, however, and I hope it is continuing to carry her through the Meadow and whatever Comes Next.
    {{{{{Ambercat}}}}} {{{{{Bluesfan}}}}} {{{{{Cheezpeeps}}}}}

  3. Rest peacefully, Ruth/Ambercat. You were always so sweet and welcoming to me in Cheezland and I wish I had known you better. Hugs to her family.

  4. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to meet you Ambercat. You were very funny and obviously very courageous to post cute comments and care about others even while fighting this horrendous disease. You will be very missed.

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