Halp Fite Cancer

Ohai, mai frenz,

Cancer am an ebil disease. I hatez it so much!! 👿 I haz lost a bruzzer tu cancer and wii haz losted twu cheezfrendz tu cancer dis year.  Ambercat (Ruth) participated in deh Race for Life and many uv us donated tu halp hur in dis worthy cause.  If u wud like to halp fite deh ebil cancer read on.

miniminsmum haz ritted tu mii and sed:

my neece Allie and a frend woz doing a sponsored 480ish mile walk akross Spayne fur a cancer charitee adn a brayn charitee. Ai hav sponsird her and poussinboi adn Nennepus gave sum munnies too, in memory of Ambercat. Poussinboi tehn suggested uvver cheezpeeps mite like to do tihs.

heer iz teh linkee: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserPage.action?userUrl=lizzieandallietakeahike&faId=141820&isTeam=true

 Ai read Ruth’s epithet wiv teh leekee eyes, tihs woz juss as ai imagined her to be.  Ai nebber ceess to be amayzed at how much ai am affected bai such fings, adn hao much teh cheezpeeps frendship meens to me.  Ai wud nebber hav fort so wen ai posted mai nawt sekkond comment on ICHC after mennee munfs of lurkering.

3 thoughts on “Halp Fite Cancer

  1. The girls have already started their walk so it would be wonderful to boost their morale by boosting their sponsorship and leaving a short message. MMM will have to explain who we are and who Ambercat was after the walk through Spain. 🙂

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