More surgery for our friend KCT

Hello friends! Please join me in sending beams and good thoughts to our friend KCTailkinker. After having her knee replacement this past Tuesday her doctor  had some concerns about the strength of her femur bone and wants to go back in
and support it with a plate.  This additional surgery will be this afternoon. Hooray for KCT and for her doctor who is thinking and looking out for her!


{{{{{KCT and Doc}}}}}


22 thoughts on “More surgery for our friend KCT

  1. Dem medickle peepz cawl teh fee murr uh “long bone” — adn nao dey wantz it tew bee a STRONG bone tew?! Dey rilly needz tew maek up dere mines. Yeesh.
    Lotsa beemz, hugs, adn prayers to KCT ADN her Dr. Tinycan’tmakeuphizmine fer uh suxessfull sir jury adn FASTFASTFAST ree coop ur ashun!
    {{{{{{{{KCT adn Dr}}}}}}}}

    • Ohai frogprof! It’s a long story, our friend KCT has been through so many troubles these past few years, one of which was falling and shattering her femur. Though I don’t know why the strengthening plate wasn’t done at the same time as the knee re-replacement I’m glad to know the doctor is doing what he thinks is best for KCT retroactively. Sadly, that seems to be increasingly rare these days!

    • Let’s hoep teh lawng boen iz a strawng boen adn nawt a trombone! *giggle* Hoping taht Mz. KCT uppity adn kickin butt (!) verri soon!

      • Onoes! dey putting a trombown in KCT’s legg? Ittwill blo a toon ebree tyme seh takes a stepp! Seh kan pervide de moosik fer de Ministree ub Funnee Wawks!

        *lol speak off* Prayers for KCT’s recovery and the finesse of her doctors.

      • Nao ai habs to say, as a trainified myoosishun, dat ai finks a trombone wulds be waii tew big. Ai finks a slide whistle wulds do just fine.

  2. BLARGH! Better late than never, I guess! Too bad he couldn’t have thought of it while he was in there. Oh well…as long as she’s up and dansdansdansing soon, I will be happy! My momma is going in for oral surgery in about an hour to take care of an abscess and infection under a tooth and in her jaw. She’s gonna have *whispurrs* ded peepul bone to replace some of her jaw bone! 😯 While I’m praying for my momma I will pray for KCT as well! Thanks for letting us know!

  3. *Turns Beem Masheen on Ohai and poynts it souf*
    Best wishus for a speedee recubbery!
    Heeling beems to your momma too, faemao!
    (sum dai ai wood liek to no wut yur name meens, aifinkso!)

  4. Yuropeen beems winging tehre wai over to you, KCT, so taht yu bees bak on yur feets bery sune, adn dansdansdansing again.


  5. And a few more heeling beems from me in PA.( And a little GOOD LUCK won’t hurt either! ){{{{{{{{{KCT and Bone Doc}}}}}}}}}} God bless you both.

  6. Just got back frum visiting wif KCT. She is doing real gud. Secund surgery is over. Der was a drawing up on her message board showing wut Dr.Tinycat did. She sed he was finking about it all night looong wut he needed to do to make teh femur moar stronger. Luks like he found a way. That leg wunt break agin, at least nawt above teh knee.

    KCT says ohai to evry1 and fanks fer teh beeeeeems!

  7. This will just be a minor setback, if you practiced the strengthening exercises you should be able to overcome this easily too, just remember, that first step is a B@%#CH!, then it ALL gets easier as you work it, yes it will complain, turn a semi deaf ear & keep track of the progress for yourself, GOOD LUCK, EASY TRANSITION FROM WHEELCHAIR TO WALKER & QUICK TRANSFER TO A CANE TOO (you’ll know when you’re ready)
    Hang in there kiddo, many have gone through PT before you, many more will also go through it after you do.
    Welcome to the GNU Knee Club!!

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