Ambercat Memorial

I saw dis on deh buk uv faces.  It wuz posted bai Nennepus hoo sed dat it came frum Annipuss.  Ifinso it b a berry gud idea. 

Our friend Ambercat crossed the bridge on September 12th. I think a Cheezland memorial should be held to celebrate her. Her funeral is on September 28th at 12 noon TTI time. Those of us who are able can spare a minute to remember her at that time, but it is too early for many, so I
suggest that we dedicate the 12 noon (ICHC time) LOL on September 28th in her memory.


13 thoughts on “Ambercat Memorial

  1. Fankies fur the Nownsmint, mai cween~

    Aifink we’re loozing moar and maor cheezfriendz tew deth and cancerz moar dan anyting elze. It maeks mii hazza saz.

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