Casa De Los Gatos

dis b landing in mai emayoz frum Sparkysmom: 

ohai cheezpeeps !  for doze ub yu whoo reeded bowt da no-kill shelter in AZ that needed help- here b a peec ob noos-
yu can go heer:

ifn yu buy a bracelet (beaded n very pretty,  an fits eberibuddy !) for 20 munnies, yur whole 20 munnies go toda kittys!

yep, for da munf ob sept eberi penny ob yur munnies goze to da shelter ! (dey change charities eberi munf so to give for da kittys buy one dis munf)

when I seeded  dis I fot, “whut a wondurmuss idea!”, da Bead Divas use donated beads an der artistic skills an make pretty fings for charities.

xmas is comin ! cant start shoppin too soon!
sparkysmom (Melody)


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