KCT Movez

Dis uppydate am frum Cattailz:

KCT was mooved to MidAmerical Rehab Horspittle todai. Before she left, teh volunteer who prints teh e-cards stopped by to congradumalate her. She borked teh all time record for teh mostest e-cards ebber printed in one dai. She had 37 cards today. And 12 yesterday. And 29 on Friday! W00t!!! Yay for cheezpeeps! Ur teh bestest!!!

And I gotz to add that teh outpouring of luv and support frum teh cheezpeeps was a big halp to Carol. We weren’t sure if she was gonna get rehab or if she was going be kicked owt on her bottom wif no halp atall. Ur e-cards were wundermous medicine! Fanks!


10 thoughts on “KCT Movez

  1. Hey, Carol! Praise GOD for getting the rehab you needed! I continue to pray for GOD’s best for you, and quick healing as you move on. I sometimes wonder at the heat so many of us are getting–seems there is a hurry to purify our silver. But we know He is in charge and what he does is for our ultimate best good. GOD bless you, sweetie!
    Love you lotses! –janey (altosinger)

  2. YAAY KCT!!!!!!!, mennee eeekawrdz, 78 sew fahr an lossa moar tew kum Ai betz, teh cheezpeeps awr behine yew ofrin encure……. enkuerg……….. sub poert inna lossa waze, MOSE ob awl iz aur wyshs fahr yew tew get berry well an heelud up, shoe dem whutz whut!

  3. Yay adn dubble yay fore KCT, Cattails adn cheezpeepz, wot a rekkord! Moast impawtant taht Carol be habbing sum gud rehab, adn tihs iz sented wif moar bestest wishez fore a speedy recubbery adn gud wawking on teh nu nee! schmoozies adn huggz tew yew bof frum teh suthern edn of Efrikka.

  4. Awesome news! I’m so glad our friend will be getting the therapy she needs so much.

    I’ve been checking the site for her new location and they don’t seem to offer a similar ecard program. But I’m thinking it will take a little time to read through all the ones she got while at KU, a new record! . Cheezfriends are the best!

  5. *Bounsbounsbouns!* Dis teh most waggytail gnus! Ai is sew gladified dat KCT wills goe to teh terapy. Ai bets it wills feel sew fab to start “feelin’ teh healin’!” Will continyoo teh prayers adn beeeeeeeeemz for speedy recubbery. {{{{{{{our brave KCT}}}}}}}}

  6. KCT: You rock! Bestest ob luck in rehab.
    Da powerz ob cheezpeeps!!!
    Cheezpeeps rule!!!
    *goes back to see if dere’s a snail-mail addy for da rehab center*

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