Moral support for KCT

Hello friends!


As you know, our friend KCTailkinkerhas been moved to a rehab facility for PT following her latest surgeries. Thank you to all who send her ecards through the hospital’s volunteer program when she was at KU, a new record for cards received was set!


Her current facility does not have a program of this type but cards and letters would be very welcome. If you would like the address please contact me at *my screen name* at yahoo . com. Please be sure to put KCT address (or something similar) and your cheezname in the subject line. We are not sure how long she will be at the facility but any cards and support would be wonderful!


Cheezfrends ROCK!!!

7 thoughts on “Moral support for KCT

  1. she iz duin so gud! no leg brace for da furst time in 9 munfs! finnurs is crost so tite fur hur!! so manny tymes der b 2 steps back fur eberi won forward, an she neber complained bowt awl da discomfort ! da brace rubbed da skin offen hur leg an wore holes in hur clothes, but its gone naow ! lets awl pray its gon fur gud !

  2. ai spokw wif her last nite and Dr. Tinycat at teh rehab horspittle has set a target date uf Oct. 4th when she cud possibly go hoam. This depends on how her therapy goes… cud be longer. Our KCT weks relly hard in PT so if u wanna send a card, do it soon cuz she be running hoam befor we knows it!

  3. Wii am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO prowd ob yoo, KCT!!! Yoo habs teh bestest strenf adn kurrage. Yoo’ll be leadin’ teh conga line at teh KC Cheezmeet!

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