LOL Around the Clock

Dis song lamenting deh loss uv community on ICHC landinged in mai inbox tuday frum JD:

I wish tu offer dis protest song foar teh Cheez Town Crier songbuk. Iz a sober, qwiet reflekshun on teh nummer ob powstings to ICHC.

One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, LOL!
Four o’clock, five o’clock, six o’clock, LOL!
Seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock, LOL!
Wanna LOL around the clock tonight!

Not too many, not too few,
Just the right number of lols to view

Gonna LOL right round the clock tonight
Need three hours for comment delight
I wanna LOL around the clock tonight

Drop the excess, drop the dull,
We want the LOLs that we can mull

Gonna LOL right round the clock tonight
Need three hours for comment delight
I wanna LOL around the clock tonight

You’ve elebenty sites, maybe more
Why bombard us to a snore?

Gonna LOL right round the clock tonight
Need three hours for comment delight
I wanna LOL around the clock tonight

Cats cause mayhem, splorts and fun
Page overload just makes me want to run

Gonna LOL right round the clock tonight
Need three hours for comment delight
I wanna LOL around the clock tonight

35 thoughts on “LOL Around the Clock

  1. I wish dey wud get rid uv deh videoz and gifs. Dehy kud put dem on dheir own site. To mii, a LOL iz a captioned pixor uv a cat — wif deh occoational uzzer critter. A video, no matter how kewt oar funny, am NAWT a LOL!! It am a video. 😦

  2. W00t W00t! Berry gud, JD!!! Ai misses ICHC, butt(!) wehn Ai goes ober tehre, Ai nots seez enne wun Ai noez. Jest sum snarkee commints maed bai peepuls passing fru. Ai needs tu b ablol tu eggscape frum RL sumtaims!

  3. Wo0t!!! Fur JD!!!

    This iz BRILLY ANT!!!!!!

    We shud awl forwerd this. Tehy need to LISSEN to us – befoar it is ruined furebber!!!!

    Itz so troo! They hav so mennee playces now – shurly they cud spare our littlol hoam.

  4. I agree with JD. There’s way too much on ICHC any more: gif’s, videos, etc. Please go back to the style from a year ago: one picture every 3 hours. This will give cheezpeeps a chance to have the fun we had before new “inventions” intruded. I don’t comment often at all mostly because there’s so much I can’t figure out when the “real” LOLs are supposed to be. Create a site with GIFs and videos and remove it from ICHC.

  5. I agree, ICHC is too cluttered these days. But it seems the ‘real’ lols still show up on the usual schedule, every three hours on weekdays and every four hours on weekends. Seems to be the GIFs and videos and uncaptioned pictures and memes that show up all willy nilly in between the real lols.

    Maybe if the ‘old timers’ (I include myself in that category) and new cheezfriends try to stick with commenting on the ‘real’ lols we might get back some of the camaraderie I think most of us miss? Of course, we have unfortunately lost many of our old friends before their time, cheeseland was a very sad place for a while and many friends seem to have just stopped posting.

    I would love to see ICHC get at least partway back to what it was when I first started posting.

  6. *NW’s eers pirk wiffa upniss*

    Uh proatesst?? Did sumbunnee sed ‘proatesst’???? Skyoos mii a minnit – BRB!

    *rummij rummij rummij rummij*
    *putz awn hur ript-pacht-beedid-emBellisht bellbottums, tawpt awf wiffa thai-dai-flohtee-Indyum-oargannik-cawtin-shurt-soarta-fingee*
    *dawns jonlennun-grannee-songlassis, teh beedid hedband [maed bai nawn-xsploytid peepuls], anna imbroydureed vest [ditto] wiff llaaaaaawwwwwwggg frinjees anna beeg peas-sain onna bak*

    Okae — aiz reddee foar teh proatesstin. Enneebunnee wants mii tu paynting flours awn der faesis?

    *sitz daown inna middlol ob teh roed, an startz stringin LuvBeeds tu selling tu teh gawkurs*

      • Jus last weekweekweekend wuz finking uv paynting teh fayces wif flurs an buttimousflys. Did dat wunce, at fayre, teh weekend uv Mt. St. Helens. (1980, furr yu Wise Yung Thymers an nawt-noes-USA-historee.) “Historee!?!” *staires at skreen, wunjderin were awl teh yeers haz gone.

    • U maided mii LOL! Fankies. Ai nebber did enny uv dose fings *luks rawnd to making sure boss IZ lissening* butt (@!@) Ai haz teh pick sure in mai mind.

      Jesh, mii tu, awlso, Ai agreez. Tuu mennii otter fings awn ICHC: same lil pickies wantin cap shuns, teh painful GIFs, bideos dat takez tuu lawng tu loading heer; Ai finks dats awl. Ai haz subbmiitteedd teh capshuned LOLZ in passed yeers, haz kinna givven up.

      • Anglewaits- ewe maid MII laff, too! Me, too, also, likewise nebber did due enny uff dose fings [well, mebbe a teensy proatesst, butt(!) da tye-died bell-bottoms I maided in Hoam-Ekk nebber did fit rite [teechur didunt bleeb mai mezhuremints & changified my pat earn markins, waist ub gudgudgud Thai-dye cloff:-[ Did have a cuppla dai-sheekees, tho:-) and those still fittify- kinda, sorta- acounta de jen-russ floatiness. Eye jess [Jess wuz one ob my ruumaytes] ment ta say I nebber met Miss Mairee Jayne– sept that AWFUL, burnt-shuggar chewee candy! Beurk- hay ted 2 get that on Hallo-ween.

        An mee two, alzo, lykewyse as, due remememember Mao Ntse NtHel en’s! Eye hab famblee in Warsh sing a ton, so itz a beeg remembery. Also I was preggers wif mai first kidlet. I reel leigh larfed at ur ex clam ayshun about hour own rememberees bee ink historee!

  7. Not only are there more gifs and videos, if you want to see a video most of them “force” you to endure a stoopy commercial before you get the video. I came across one the other day that preceded a Maru video for CC’s sake!

  8. Totally agrreeifies, adn signs up for Cheeztown Karaoke night…

    Where habs all teh good lols gone?
    Long time scrolling,
    Where habs all teh good lols gone?
    Long time tew load…

    Where habs all teh good lols gone?
    Vids adn gifs are not much fun
    Wen wills dey ebber learn?
    Wen wills dey ebber learn?

    • clappity, clappity! *applolds Shepmom’s moes’ egg salad song*

      A few ov da vids can bee berry phunny and/oar adorablol, butt(!) won cannae tellify in advance ub risquing a knob-knock-shush advert oar a mew-zik blast 2 one’s eerz.

      Sum thymes dee cawmint freds am moar amoozin dan de vids or gifs, so we can has a consolation pryz. But off inn, if da fred onna vidyo or a giftie am lawng, itz onna count of lotsa argh ewe mints dat da video hyoomins am being meen to da kittehs, oar “Wears da kittehz? Dis am nawt a wewbsight 4 penguins or lollyphants” oar “Enny fuel shudd nose dat dis am nawt a turtle, issa tort-us you uneddumicated doofuses!” Eeven onna regulayshun caption lols, iff’n eye sees moore van eleventy-free cawmints, it’s becos of some contro… kahn-tra… Cointreau versee. Butt(!), since eye’m a relatib noobie, ai dunna haff da same gnaw-stall-gia four ultra long cawmint freds. Aye can’t haz an able to dive into da lols an conversify in real time, so I’m always late to the dansdansdans, reading a buncha lols all at wunce. So those sayeen “99 comments,” kinda skeer me off! Takes too long to enjoyify da joaks, even if tehy be berry funfunfunny. Butt(!) wenn someone links to a historiclol lol frum teh past, ai seize taht inna olde daze, gigantimouse cawmint freds, inna hunnerts even, are root teen! Sew ai can seize how y’all Wise Olde Thymers can haz a sad dat ICHC izz knot like da Goode Olde Dayes.

      Az yoozhul, dough, I tawks too mushly an sez too liddul…

    • Ai lubs teh carry oh key! Nawt tyme nao tu singing maiself, goggies (are awr freenz!!) needin teh eerlee moarnin wak.
      so I’m always late to the dansdansdans, reading a buncha lols all at wunce — mii tu, lupinssupins!
      An Ai agreez wif U bout teh argfying an teh insults — iz wurse awn IHHD wif qwarrels bout teh breed uv the pick sured. An teh add vertz!! Sew Ai nawt openz teh bideos mush ennymoar. An Ai ussually haz lawd speeker awf heer at hoam — wuntz tu keeping mai delli kate eers!

  9. I habnt lawgd in cinse da vid ub da moknburd deth. Not what I wish tu sea….I didn no sew menee cruel “peep – les” eggzisted on LOLcats. BUTT, the cheez town cryer, dat bee a hole nutha storee!!

  10. Ai am noo to ICHC adn also da Cheeztown Cryer butt (!) ai lykes reedin awl teh caw mints onna da lols. Ai iz nawt so much lykin teh viddyos, wunce inna while gots a gud wun tho. Lupinssupins, yoo cant bee enny laydur to teh danse then *AI* iz….ai yooshully show up uh hole buncha dayz afdur da post!!!!

  11. Deer Cheezefrenz, I hab not postifyed in along thyme…but I hasto agree dat dere is way tu much muchness on ICHC for teh peeps tu haf thyme tu reeley bee a kommu-nitty.
    Less bideos an gifs….gif us thyme to breeve, forgud nissake!

  12. I agree – waaaaay too much stuffs goin on and my time is so limited that I don’t visit as much as I used to – an don’t read and don’t post … would love to go back to the old way … one posting ebbry free hours or so, and no bideos!

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