Nightshaydez Swimm Fur Ekwality

Dis b frum Nightshayde via FaceBook:

OK, Folks. This is it — my final push for donations. Tomorrow is my Swim for Equality & I’m inching ever closer to my fundraising goal. If you’ve been meaning to donate & haven’t gotten around to it, please do so today. If you have just been ignoring the posts up until now, but are anti-discrimination, please consider making a donation.



4 thoughts on “Nightshaydez Swimm Fur Ekwality

  1. Thank you, cweenmj, for posting this again … and thank you to those who have already donated, and thanks in advance to those who are about to donate!

    I started planning this so long ago. I can’t believe it’s tomorrow. TOMORROW. Holy carp. 😆

  2. Good luck, Nightshayde–I know you can do it! I don’t know if you’ve done long distance open water swims before–I did my first triathlon last weekend and it was totally awesome! I felt the same way you do the night before. Tomorrow. Tomorrow? TOMORROW!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for a safe swim and a fantastic time. And thanks for doing this–Go Equality!!

  3. Ohai, nightshayde! I wazzn’t czek inn my e mayos ennuf to see ur note afore ur swimswimswim, but I haz a pleased to see frum ur linkee that you pacified yoor goal! Congrabfinloceans on ur most ohai lee eel lustrous acheezments, boaf in da fund raisin and in de natation! Az one hooz bin land locked mosta mai life and only can haz kwite bay-sick swimmin skilz, I has a next streamly big impressed at an open waddur swim!
    And az a straight against H8, ai ub coarse also has an admiration four da cause of eqwality four all. And speaking [& singing] of that, I wonder if you [and any other cheezpeeps here] know the wunnerful mew-zik of the most mellifluous Roy Zimmerman? Hear’z a linkee, WP & Our Majesty permitting:

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