Noo Yawk CheezMeet

OOOoooooo … looky dis wich camed in mai emayoz dis morning!  It b frum DaMommza:

OHAI and Felicitashuns, Mai Cween!

Tihs nowncment b kommin frum yoor humblol serve vent Damommza.  Ai wuld liek tu anownce teh furst annyual BIG APPLOL NU YAWK MINI-CHEESEMEET tu be held on teh 23th uf teh Oktober!  We awl b meetin at teh his toryc Grand Central Station tehn walkin obber tu teh 42th Street Libbery (teh won wif teh giyant lyons in teh frunt) ten peruzin teh nommin sitshuashun fur lunchies adn happitails. Bonus LOL’s if we cna lokate teh cuppycake truk!

Anywon woh be wantin tu kum (adn ai b lookin at YOO Kitty-Roo adn Casey-Bette) pleese tu kontact me at yarnho1 AT gmail DOT com or on teh buk of teh faze were ai ushually b flappin mai floofy paws!

Fankies fur sharon teh gudgudgud news wif teh cheese come mewn it tea!

Yoors wif a floofy paw,

7 thoughts on “Noo Yawk CheezMeet

  1. We wull be nom nom nomming and having happitails at our KC cheezmeet here in teh heartland teh saym dai and mebbe saym tiem. Sew we will raise a toast to hour cheezfrends in Noo Yawk.

    Hooray fur teh cheezmeets!

    • We culd have virtshual worldwide cheezehappitails togever!! SQUEEEEE!!! Ai do nawt haz a tyme yet butt (!) ai will postify it so we cna all towst to each uver! 🙂

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