Nom of the Lol

Dis b frum JD in response tu deh responses tu himz protest song:

Cheese Stork 2011: Codename Nom of the Lol

I heerby am openifying a rekwest foar Carry Yolky singers, rubber bands adn ennywun else woo wants to gettify upp on stayg adn purrform. Thy-dye tees, fays paints adn giant beechballs aer abayluble on rekwest.

Teh dayt ob teh concert iz provisionally set foar Octopusober 7nd.


13 thoughts on “Nom of the Lol

  1. *Hoaldz liter upp ohai*
    Cheezstork! Cheezstork! Cheezstork! Cheezstork!
    Awl wee R sayin,
    Iz gibs cheeza chans!!
    *Hydez teh nip doobee inna pawkitt*
    Hay man, kuul it! Wee juss heer tu sillybrate in peas.
    Pleez tu reservifing mee a playce in teh lineup. Ai syngz reel guud. Oar soe mai famblee sez.

    • It will beified on ICHC, adn I’ll submitify catnip-lights (dey’re high, rite?) for here sew doze who missted teh ICHC concert can see it. A stayg will be mayd avaylabull foar doze who want to add to teh festibities.

      Sins der be menny menny lols, it be harder to gibs a thyme. I wuds lyke to suggest dat teh main concert be on teh Ohi Noon LOL, wibs side stayges made abaylabul throughout teh day.

      • Ai sowwy — ai duz nawt fully unnerstand. So teh mainstage wills be awn ICHC on teh noon LOL? Adn den dere be sidestages too — wills wun ob dem be on teh Cryer? Ai really duz nawt postify on ICHC ennymoar.

        Fankees beri much for organi… ographiz… fixing dis up!

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