Final Cawl Fur Cheez Stork 20011

Dis annownceingment am frum JD:

We aer habsing a final call for Cheez Stork 2011: The Nom of the Lol.

Teh event iz starting on the 7th with the main concert at teh Ohi Noon Lol. Smaller stages habs been set up for addishunall events awl dai.

Eberyone who turns up will be gibbon a free cheezburger adn a free Zippo lighter. Doze wu goez to teh eggtra shows can habs a book stamped. Ebery three stamps gets yu a chonklit martoonie.

A commando squad of splort recobbery speshulists is on hand in case ob dangerously cute pictures on the lols.

Bideo hilights will be shown at a speshul invite-only concert (planes dropping invites hab now cobbered mowst ob cheezland – though it may tayk sum peeps a little time to dig out of their houses).

The bideo concert will be ats teh Cheez Town Cryer. A speshul aww-distorium haz been built foar such things. It ownly haz seating for elebenty hundred and elebenty eleben peeps, sew nawt sekkond come, nawt sekkond serbed.


12 thoughts on “Final Cawl Fur Cheez Stork 20011

  1. Ai iz sew beri beri sowwy. Ai mush be incredibly dense. Ai duz nawt unnerstand what wii are akshully supposed to DO. Ai wrotes a protest song adn fot wii wuz supposed to postify dem at a concert on teh Cryer. Ai habs such a confoosed! Ai wills try to finds mai way to teh concert, adn lookify forward to heering ebberywun else’s fongs! Dis wills be fun!

    (Ai iz uzuallii nawt sew stoopid…must be in needs ob a nap!)

  2. Ai bee dere wif belz awn mai toze an sumpin, ai fawrgawteddud, ennywai we habs a gud tym sein alla Keows dans, dans, dansin’ wif abayundun an syngun saweet sawngs ob Keowosity fahr yew, dere beez tee, krumputs, orng CAEK wif lymun eyesing anna hoel buncha chonklit martoonies fahr myuch sylleness laytur, YAY fahr Cheez Stork 2011, WOOOOOOT!

  3. Dere’s sum kreepii gui heer hoo kepes sayin, “Psst! Hay kid! Yew wanna bii sum tikketz tew teh Kon Sert? Oanlii elebenty-leben dolurz!!” Adn den hee lukz arownd tew see iff ennybuddy herd him. Duz ennywun fink Ai kin get a beddur deel sumwerz els?
    Hez kinda maekin mii skeerd. Taht big obercote … adn hee kinda reminez mii ov teh guiiz mai momcat useta warn mii abowt.

    • Ignoar him – is just a lost troll, teh kinna gui yur mumcat used to warn u abowt. Do not feed, just come to teh consert – is plentee uv room!

  4. Cheez Stork is proobing tu be a nam ayzing suggess sew far! Menny, menny, menny grate sawngs! Menny, menny, menny grate fan moments!

    Rememmer, hi-lites will be repeeted here foar a mini fest on CTC itself sum thyme affer teh mayn concert, sew doze nawt wanting to go to ICHC will still habs a chance to tayk part!

    Nom your speakers! Wib rok adn cheez roll!

    • It’s taking place on I Can Has Cheezburger. There’s people singing on every lol, but the noon lol is probably the busiest of them all. People are still reading it and posting to it, but if you want to make sure then post songs to the latest.

      Cheez Stork will continue on here, hopefully some time over the weekend. That depends a bit on getting permission to repost the songs (with credits, obviously) on here. I don’t know who would be happy with it and who would not, but since the primary announcement was on here and I said the highlights would get reposted, I’m assuming people know that highlights will be gathered.

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