Sad news from Bayshang

This afternoon our friend Bayshang posted the following in cheezland:

“Ohai guiz!
Mah wunnermuss minnite kitteh, Nenya, crossed teh rainbo bridj today.
She wuz 18 yeers old, adn will be beri misst.
Ai lubbs her…”


Bayshang, we are so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose a good friend, human or furry. Hugs and Beams to you {{{{Bayshang and Nenya}}}}


34 thoughts on “Sad news from Bayshang

    • ohai, Susan ! yu b in OK? can yu come toda KC cheezmeet next week ? gonna b mayb, like 16 cheezpeeps b comin ! yep ! an we need yu! I cant find yur profile (yu is nawt bloo, yu know!) let me know onmy profile ifn yu wants to come an I sendin yu da info !

  1. {{{{{Bayshang}}}}}. ❤ from CupcakeCA and my 17 year old OBNP orinj boy. I know how much our fur babies mean to us…

  2. Bayshang, I am so sorry for your sad loss. I know it is so hard to lose a beloved fur-friend. May Nenya’s memories be of comfort to you at this sad time. {{{{{Bayshang and Nenya}}}}}
    from Mary [lupinssupins] and tortie Feckless

  3. {{{{{Bayshang}}}}}}} I am so sorry. It hurts more than there are words to say when they have to leave us. But Nenya is young and strong again, and will always be your baby. Right now she is surrounding you with her never-ending love, and her gratitude for the wonderful life you gave her. May your memories bring you comfort.

  4. can yoo luv tu mutch, ai duzznt finkso
    thoe it seemz at tiemz it mae be troo
    wen it hurtz so mutch taht yoo iz nott heer
    adn mai mind juss surcolz memoreez of yoo
    chaysin rownd adn rownd in surch of mis cheef
    clymin playses yoo noo yoo shoodnt be
    taykin a moemint tu chek if ai woz stil heer
    fytin monsterz nowun els cood see
    tiemz we wood wayst wif wormf n snorglolz
    or simplee luv eech uvverz cumpanee
    lyin cloes tugevver in teh kwiet howrz
    tihs iz hao we meshur fambilee
    teh wunz taht wil be wif uz 4evah
    regardless of hao owr paffz mae tend
    weev ownlee parted waez 4 a shawt wile
    stil we wil be tu gevver in teh end

  5. o bayshang, i iz so sorri u haz tu go frew dis. iz hard, i noe. my dobi jus crossed teh bridge last weekweek, sew he kan show Nenya awl arownd tu awl teh gud places! i haz hugz fur u-

  6. I read about all the Keows leaving us to go over the rainbow bridge, each one is hard to read about because they ARE family, Bayshang will always remember Nenya, as all the other cheezpeeps will remember their Keows that had to leave them also.
    The reunion when our time comes will be magnificent, lots of barking, much meowing, nonstop purring & truckloads of hedbutts will be happening as dear friends once again greet each other joyfully after such a long absence.
    Think of a nice pleasant day with gentle breezes laying on a soft blanket in the shade of a big tree with ALL your Keows who had to leave before you, but who patiently waited for this magnificient reunion because they are still family no matter where they are, no matter how long they had to wait because they KNEW this day would come.
    Now that you’ve thought of that look up & around at ALL the other blankets that are there too, you realize there are too many blankets to count, each of them has a “Mom or Dad” reuniting with their “kids”, grieve now but look forward to the reunion, there will be so much love there it almost can’t be imagined but will be welcomed gladly.
    YES there WILL be a Tearoom there too, we can all habs sum niec tee an CAEKS and meet each other wif a happee!

  7. {{{{Bayshang}}}} I’m sorry for the loss of your precious fur baby Nenya.

    *Sending beams of love & comfort from Ozland*
    *My fur babies – Cyrus, Beetle, Yoda & Spook – send you some purrs & headbonks of comfort. Beetle also sends you some of her little kisses*

  8. Oh, Bayshang, ai soe sawree!! Ai stil hazza emptee ware mai littlol Miha yoozd tu bee. Butt (!) ai tels yu a storee. Teh mornin affer hur wen ober teh bridj, ai woak upp tu a beeg warm awn mai fayce. Ai open mai eis, anna sunbeem az brite az yu kan imajin blyndid mee, anna peesful warm, az warm az enny ai ebber felt, filld mee. Ai gnu at wuns dat it wuz hur, lettin mee noez shee landid safelee in teh meddow an hao it felt tu beez der. Oh luuk! Der iz hurr runnin up tu Nenya an welkoming hurr tu teh meddow! An nao ai seez Nenya poyntin bak akross teh bridj at yu, prowdlee sayin, “Dat iz mai mama! Shee lubbed mee an tuuk onlee teh bestest ob kare ob mee! Ai wuz soe luckee tu habs hurr foar mai hoomin!”
    (((((Bayshang))))) May yu noez peas in teh daze, weeks an munfs tu come mai fren.

  9. Ai wants to gib fankees to awl ob yew for yer huggs adn beems. Teh warmth feels like sunnyshine breaking fru after a rainy day. Ai am so happy taht Nenya will hab so mani nu frends where she iz nao! Ai duzzint worry so much for her nao, ai kno she will be otay.
    Adn as for me, it iz beri comforting to kno taht wenebber ai starts to gets a lonely for her, ai can come rite heer adn see hao speshul my cheezfrends reely are.
    Fankees – bayshang

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