*LCB runs in all excited-like*

O hai guise! The lovely peeps over at ICHC has done something really extra super wonderful for us. They made a page where we can send lols and videos and stuff to honor the Cheezpeeps we have lost. *marvels*

It’s called CheezFrenzForever ( Currently there is the video I made for KimKiwi and a new video I just did in honor of Ambercat, whose birthday is today (October 13).

You can add your own lols or YouTube videos or whatever by e-mailing a link to It would be helpful to include the screenname of the Cheezpeep you are honoring. Yay!

I’ll add a link to this over on the right so it’s easy to find when you want to visit with our dearly departed peeps.

*runs back out*


16 thoughts on “CheezFrenzForever

  1. This is such a wonderful way to remember our frenz…now all we have to do is add Goosey, Lyanthya and Maus……(gads, I prolly forgot someone).
    I miss them all….each brought love and laughter to our lives…and this site is a marvelous thing to have.

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