Halp deh Feral Kittehz

Dis plee am frum Noodle:

hi cweenmj,

a friend alerted me to a cat problem at centinela hospital in Inglewood, california.   part of the greater LA area.

the management at centinela hospital has decreed that all feral cats must be removed from the hospital parking lots and hospital grounds.

there are more than 20 cats. employees who feed the cats will be warned…then disciplined, then terminated.

the management plans to bring in animal control this week.  any suggestions?

if you would post this in the cryer, someone might come up with a solution.

17 thoughts on “Halp deh Feral Kittehz

  1. Is there a website/news/ etc. where I can pass this along? Best Friends has a facility in LA that would be a good place to start….

  2. Has anyone contacted local rescue groups? Alley Cat Allies? The media? TNR is the only real solution….but it has to be a group effort. Alley Cat Allies and/ or Best Friends Animal Society would be my first points of contact….and you need to act quickly!
    Just my two cents……

  3. I was also going to suggest Best Friends. I have had horrible bad luck trying to place individual animals with them, but they tend to respond more generously to groups of animals that come with media presence and publicity.

    That said, I wonder if the ICHC community as a group could make an appeal to them to help these kittehs?

    • Jus telling mii hoo tu cawl/rite/foan, an ai wil duing itt!! Ai kin awlsew getting uvver kitteh-peeps (3 groops ov aminal-rites lubbing peepuls) heer inn mai sitty tu cawling/riting/foaning az well. Iz jus sew rong tu punnish gud-hartid peepuls foar der kumpashuns!!!!! Toadilee GRRRRRRR an poyntee ends tu dat horspitul [miz]mannijmint!!!!

      • ai c dat nicewitch iz at da redy.
        aisle lett u know as soon as wi gett organized on dis end. rite nao we is werkin 2 extend da stoopy dedline.

        fankz veri muchli
        sarah aka noodle

      • If you have documentation of the new policy, I would call the closest tv news station and ask them to do a story on it. I imagine the hospital would hate that kind of publicity! You might also look online for hospital rating agencies and post something about the new policy while giving them a very low rating for compassion. Knowing something like that about a hospital would make me consider another choice if I could safely do so medically.

        *sharpens own pointy ends*

      • Ai has e-meowld mai sitty’s Hyoomayn Sissaitee foar sujeschins. Dey has duing fings laik rezcyooing Katrina goggies an hoemliss aminlols frum Noarvurn-Canayjun settulmints, an bringing dem heer foar teh ‘dopshuns. Dees peeps cud hassing sum gud aideers wut tu duing.

  4. dis am frum bestfrends. ebbri1 kross ur paws an hope 4 da best.
    fankz u j24k, crazyold lady an shepmom.

    .Do you have any written documentation from staff outlining the disciplinary procedures you mention below? If so, please forward to me so that I may send to our legal counsel for further advice. In the meantime, please contact the Catnippers division of Best Friends with assistance in trapping the re-homing the feral colony.

    Thank you for contacting Best Friends, and thank you for looking out for these cats!!

    Roni Raczkowski
    California Team Leader

  5. Warning employees to not feed the feral kittehs is one thing. But to terminate them? That’s a bit harsh IMHO.

    Noodle: I hope you have the bestest of luck with getting these kittehs rescued. It will help the employees at the hospistal as well. They wouldn’t lose their jobs.

  6. da cheezpeeple rock!

    mai frend at centinela is werking on extending the deadline, revoking the draconian threats from management and trying to get a rescue and relocation plan in place.

    thank u 4 awl suggestions and and encouragement.

    i will keep you updated on our progress.

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