Latest Skedule Change fur KC Cheezmeet

Wun more notiss frum Sparkysmom:

ohai! pls post dis on da cryer- last one! I prawmiss!
der b a change in our itinerary for the KC cheezmeet dis sunday.  The Blue Nile Cafe guy changed his mind and cancelled on us. (GRRRR!)

but Scott at Burritobros jumped in an saved the day for us ! You rock, Scott !  now we b habn a sunday brunch at the Burrito Bros mexican restaurant at the City Market at 10 am- will b habn brekfess burritos an huevos rancheros an quesadillas an orange juice an coffee an brownies an he b makin cake, too! (tres leches I fink he said)
da sunday aft get together may not happen, the cookout at my hotel is defietly cancelled, but we may get 2gevvur for goodbyes at Kaffees howse orda park by hur- she will let us awl know once we get der.
This is gonna b gr8!

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