Early Xmas Idea

Dis b frum SparkysMom:

Ohai, Cheezpeeps! here b an idea for Xmas.  Ifn yu b like me,  yu b lookin for sumfin speshull to b doin at da chrissmess time to help doze whoo b needin help an dis grup duz a gr8 job!

Heifer International, wif our help, provides animals for families all over the world. they give a chosen famblee  a milk cow or a sheepy or a goat, or a piggie,or a water buffalo, or a llama, or a trio of bunnie rabbits, or honey bees or a flock of chicks, your choice.

They can also provide a knitters basket or a gardeners basket. Each selected famblee recieves not just the animal itself but also training in how to care for their animal and how to use the things the animal produces. Once they start with their animal they agree to help others by passing the babies their animals produce (and you KNOW they do!) onto others in their area and helping to teach the new owners about the care and feeding needed, just like they were helped.

The animals dont just help by providing the expected milk an cheese for example but a sheepy or a goaty also provides wool that can make clothes and needed blankets and can provide milk and cheese in quantities that can both provide food for the family and produce enough extra to sell and bring in money so kids can go to school.

please go here to learn more: www.heifer.org/gift

wishin yu n yurs a beri speshull chrissymess

melody (AKA:Sparkysmom)


7 thoughts on “Early Xmas Idea

    • Yep I gotted my liddle catalog yesterday, too! an den I thotted bowt sharin da info wif awl yu gr8 peeps! I am finkin my boi an i may go intogevvur an get a goat hmmm- I wonder- yu fink ifn i pretended to b a village in need dey wud send me a baby pygmy goat? prolly nawt to Buena Park ca, huh? oh well. But I surely wud luv wonna dem livin lawn mowers ! an dey b so cyoot ! Yepaifinkso!

    • yep me too ! an I forgotted an left owt da part where yu doan hafta give da cost ob da whole aminal, yu can give TOWARD an aminal ifn yu wants- like yu can give a buncha chicks an one tenth of a cow ifn yu wants (hmmm-I wonder which tenth I b gibn ?- snert!)

  1. I lubs The Heifer Project – hab been gibbing dem the monies for many years. And not all the dough-nations go to oddur countries … it halps peeps in the USofA, too. Sparkysmom- I, too, laff, thinking what piece of an animole I’m gibbing to someone.

    You can also gib fings like bees and trees.

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