Scott iz Reddy fur Sir Jury

Dis nooz b frum Altosinger (Janey):

Thank you all so much for the prayers for the show! It went extremely well, and Scott got through it in good shape. (He is asleep now, but i need a little wind-down time.) we even got him safely up the stairs–my friend Diana and her friend Jim McDuffie showed up and helped me get Scott into and out of the car–and up the stairs when we got home. They’re going to help me with putting the new bedframe together (Yay! I get my vise-grips that are holding the old frame together back!) and putting it on the bed-risers so Scott can get OUT of the bed (in is no problem; you just kinda fall down–but out is another story altogether!), and i think that will be a good thing for him. In any case—“one time at a thing”, as i read somewhere–was that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, or was it Through the Looking-Glass? Anyway, progress is happening. Slowly. The show is done; next stop: surgery. Please continue praying!
Thank you all, and GOD bless you bunches! —janey


5 thoughts on “Scott iz Reddy fur Sir Jury

  1. I did get some rest last night–awakened this morning by somebody’s car alarm, and the poor kids were trying to figure out how to turn it off! *laughs* We needed to get up anyway, but we did get a laugh after we realized what was going on!
    Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  2. Janey — so glad you got a laugh out of the car alarm — I wish I had your grace! I just get mad at the blasted things! 🙂
    It’s hard to walk because I’ve got fingers, toes, and eyes crossed — as well as regular prayers going up — for all to go well with Scott’s Sir Jury. I know God is keeping you both safe in the palm of His hand.

    • Well, if you could have seen the kids, and how frantic they were, and how hard they were trying….well, i think they pulled the cable off the thing, finally. But it WAS funny watching! And thank you for the prayers, darling. We do appreciate them…the 2nd-to-last song (the last one is always “Keep the Whole World Singing”) the guys sang was Irish Blessing, and the last line is, “And until we meet again, may GOD hold you in the palm of His hand.” Thank you again for reminding me that He is…*puddles up*
      Love you bunches—janey (altosinger)

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