Dr. Tinycat Diagnoses teh Princess

Dis b kwestyun frum Shepmom:
Ohai ebberwun. Ai habs a littlol story.  Yoo may rememberate dat last summer ai hads to board teh Princess for a munf, adn had a big wurried about her separation anxiety.  It seemed dat she camified fru just fine.  But akshully, ebber since den, she habs been habbing…ummm…er….”

digestive” ishyoos.  Really, really spectacular digestive ishyoos.  Nuffink seemed to halp, so today wii dids an ultrasound.  Ai wuz scarified halbs to def, as doing an ultrasound means yoo are looking for lumps adn masses adn growfs adn otter potentially really bad fings.  But blessed be teh Boss ob Ceiling Cat, dey finded nuffink growing in dere dat wuzn’t sposed to be dere!

Dr. Tinycat says it’s IBD, so now we habs to learn to manage dat.  Habs anyone ebber had a doggie wif IBD or IBS?  Could yoo tellify mii what kind of diet yoo used to keep it under control?  She’ll be on Prednisone for awhile, adn also Metaclopramide, but ai alsew wants to see abowt her diet.

Many fankees!



18 thoughts on “Dr. Tinycat Diagnoses teh Princess

  1. Foar yoomans iss sumfing liek Metamucil. (Dat haz halped cunntroll mine.) So mebbe teh saem fur teh goggies? Ob coarse teh V-e-t shood be ast furst. {{{Shepmom & Princess}}}

  2. mai frend adopted a kitteh named grape dat had IBS. da kitteh wud leaf lotz ob sur prizes on da rug, but mai fren jus kleened up afta hur.
    mai frend awl weighs adopts kittehz oar goggiez dat nobodi elze wantz.
    da prednizone made grape veri hungri awl da thyme. but grape got 2 live out hur last yearz in a good home.

  3. i b nawta Dr. (an I nawt eben play one onda TB), but dis werked for my son’s goggie:
    Sulfasalazine is used to treat inflammation of the bowel.

    Who is it for?
    Sulfasalazine is for multiple species including dogs and cats.

    What are the benefits?
    * Prescription medication used to treat inflammatory bowel disease

    My avatar kitty, Pinkie, haz a frow up prawblem awl hur life- yep she eats hur yummie fuds den walks away an frows up ! she haz seed da Vet manny times an dey cant find n e fing wrong (sigh)
    gud luk wif yur Goggie
    ps gibn da history mayb werkin on relaxifyn yur goggie just b4 an juss aftur eatin wud help? (juss an idea)

  4. ooo-ooo! almose forgot!
    Gerber makes a babyfood version ob a hotdog called “gerber graduates- chicken sticks” dat my goggie’s breeder recommended to me for when da goggie had eatin issues. an deez fings werked beri well for hur awl hur life- when eber she had digestib or da stress ishyoos wud hand feed hur deez for a cupple days an she b fine. gud luk agin !

  5. Ohai Shepmom! Ai nawta dokter eezer, butt (!) ai lissenz tua lokal raydeeyo show wiffa dawgee eggspert naymed K.T. Canine. Hurr haz bin prayzin teh vurchooz ob eggstra virjin coconut oyl foar sum thyme. Iz ober-teh-kownter, soe noe preeskripshun needid. Yu startz wiffa littlol amownt–mebbe a cupplol ob drops inna fuudz, an werk yoar waye upp tu abowt a haff teespoon. Iz spozed tu habs menny benifitz, inklooding regyoolaytin teh dijestib sistum.
    Awlsew, wen mai Miha wuz sik wiffa bad tummee, a cheezfren sujestid Miralax inna fuudz. Ai nawt noez hao much doh. DOH! Az uzzers haz sedd heer, iz awl abowt teh fiber. I haz had IBS sins leeving hoam foar kollej elebentee mumblol mumblol yeeryeeryeerz agoe. Attakz R offen brawt awn bai stress, soe wen Princess wuz borded, dis may habs bin teh kawz. Butt (!) iz manajed moast effektivelee wif fiber.
    Guud luk mai fren. Schmooz tu yu an Princess!!

  6. Is it possible to modify the Hay Diet for animals (worked for my husband) (please look this up on the internet, or look at Amazon for used books on the subject)? High protein, low carb diet–find out information about the Inflamation model of disease. How about probiotics? Try to find a good nutritionist, rather than someone who just wants to throw pills at the problem. Good luck. ((((((((((Shepsmom adn goggeh)))))))))))

  7. I have a `12 yearold male cat with IBD and this has been very informative. (We always ask the vet 1st) GOOD Luck with the Princess.

  8. Fankfankfankees and dubble fankees ebberwun! Cheezfrens am teh best frens ebber, ebber! I wills diskussify awl dese eye deers wif our Dr. TinyCat. Ai cannot halps but fink dat nao dat mai stressing owt ober teh ultrasound is ober, it will halp teh Princess to relaxify too…

    Her is such a gudgudgudgudgud doggie, so sweet adn loving. Ai do anyfing for her.

    (ai wuz goings to say “Dis too shall pass” but den ai fot ai mights get sent to teh naughty barn…)

  9. Our goggie had mild digestive issues years ago and the v-e-t suggested that he start eating a hypoallergenic diet. He is eating Royal Canin hypoallergenic HP dry food and he seems much better now. I also try to find hypoallergenic dog treats for him to eat. Don’t know if that will help but I’m hoping your dog gets better soon!

  10. Ohai Shepmom!! How yoo iz??? Ai hope yur Princess iz feline beddur. Ai hazza Corgie named Casey, she be deh Queen ob her uniberse, and we are her lowly slavez. She will be 15 in Janyooary, but wen she wuz abowt 8, she awlso started to haz deh digistibe issyoos. Yesh, dey are uglee. She wuz diagnozed wif deh Colitis, wich iz verry simmylar to IBD. Casey eets only a preskripshun fud, maed by Science Diet. The code on the can is Science Diet R/D. Dis is a verry ohai fiber fud, and only yur drtinyvet can sell it to yoo (no can buy at deh Petco). Deh Science Diet maeks uvver fuds for diffrunt typez ob tummy pleh, so mebbeh yoo culd ask yur vet? Ai hope yur goggie getz beddur soon! Deh fud haz been grate for ours!

  11. Sometimes if we know the “Never Well Since” we can look there first. In doc-speak, this is called the “etiology.” In this situation it looks like what could be called NWS B&A (“betrayal and abandonment”) – not really, but it may have looked like that to the wee beastie that was left at a babysitter’s place while Mom and Dad went elsewhere. There’s an excellent homeopathic remedy specific for that, known as Pulsatilla. I’m not a doggie doctor either, but I can tell you it works wonders for humanoids – lots of anxiety and depression, emotional “neediness” and dietary issues. You can check the internet under homeopathic Pulsatilla before you decide to go that way, but rest assured, homeopathic remedies are over-the-counter and may safely be used with prescriptions, in humans as well as animals.

    Tortiemom PS – so sorry I missed the Cheezmeet last weekend! Too many things went wrong all at once in my life – filling fell out, computer was down and furnace croaked all in two days!

  12. Extra even more fankees ebberwun! Things are “firming up” as it were, so we finks teh Pred is halping. Wunce we gets fings calmed down we cans start looking at diet and nootrishunal support.

    She looks so cyoot wif her shaved tummy frum teh ultrasound!

  13. Ohai again, ebberwun! Jus’ wanted to checkify in adn say dat teh Princess is improoving daily. Teh Pred is halping alot. We will been tawking wif Dr. Tinycat abowt awl teh ideers above — so far Mr. Cow gets teh “immediate cure” award. Ai habs stopped feeding teh Princess anyfing wif wheat or gluten as a ingre…. inger… ingredee…fing-it-contains adn “fings” started firming up almost teh next day.

    Fankfankfankfankfankees to awl beri mush!! Iz sew saddifying wen wii noes dey duzn’t feel gudgudgud, adn so happifying wen wii cans halp dem!

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