Scott am owt uv Sir Jury

Dis b frum Altosinger (Janey):

Scott is out–the doc just came by. Everything went well; they’ll keep him overnight just so he’s more steady on his feet and can get up the stairs. All is well thus far! Continued prayers, please! Yet another round of the BCG will be coming up, and i will suggest that they do a longer round than standard, just because his whole system is usually resistant to any meds. They may not pay any attention to me, but at least i will have put it in Doc Gaskill’s mind. That’s it for now—Thank you all, and GOD bless you bunches!
Love you lots! —janey


10 thoughts on “Scott am owt uv Sir Jury

  1. Hooray!! Hope that means that you AND he will be able to get some real rest soon.
    And no worries about continued prayers — I hope you take that as a given. Love to you both.

    • Thanks, sweetie! As soon as he gets relatively comfortable, i am going home for a NAP. Getting up at Oh-dark-thirty is fun and exciting when you are a kid, but when one gets to *ahem* middle age, not so much.
      Love you lots! —janey (altosinger)

    • Thank you, dear one! We are all home, and no catheter! And we are ordinary people with an extra-ordinary GOD…
      Love you bunches! —janey

  2. Prayers for continued healing are ongoing here too, but now we can add some more prayers of thanksgiving (the best kind to get to make)!!

    Take care and please do try to get some real rest; sometimes family and caregivers don’t realize how exhausted they are becoming, so please take extra good care of yourself too.

    • I am doing my best to get some rest. it’s not so easy to remember, i agree, but i know i have to. Meanwhile, i have to put the supper in the oven before i finish answering folks1
      Love you lotses! —janey

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