Sunny Vizitz deh Vet

Dis msg b frum ower gud frend KCTailkinker:

Ohai, Cween,
Ai tuk Sunny tew see teh V-e-t. He needz beemz and prayers and stuffz. It appeers dat teh blud werk shows dat hiz kidneys ar fayling. Teh v-e-t will teech meh hao tew gib himz flooids at leest twice a weekweek. Teh blud werk also seemz tew show dat Sunny may hab canser. Teh V-e-t sez dat otter wise he iz pretty gud foar an 18 yeer old kitteh almost 19. Fank u foar awla prayers and heeling beems foar Sunny.
Hedbonks & purrs!

20 thoughts on “Sunny Vizitz deh Vet

  1. Ohai KCT!
    Ai send yoo lawts of hugs an cheezlub an bestie wishes fer Sunny an yoo. Iz a gud fing yoo ar nao ablol tu bii wif Sunny tu halp care fer him. Hii will up app like yoor lub an cayre, deer KCT!

    Sending lawts of beems fer awl of yoo!


  2. Hugs and beems to sunny with lots of wishes for a good plan to treat the problems and keep sunny happy and healty for a long while yet to come! :-))

  3. {{{{{{{{KCT adn Sunny}}}}}}}} ai iz syndyn nawt olney beems ob lyt but a briet whyt lyt ob heelyn adn pees anna kumfert wif kalmness, kawnfadens an shuerness tew hep yew adn Sunny, iz gud tew heer form yew, Sunny habs a GUD Mommy!!

  4. Oh Carol, I am sorry you have to go through this. Am sending much healing energy, with hopes for a good outcome.

  5. Ai nawt-fird awl dose eeeemoshuns! Glad tew heer yew r wif Sunny, KCT, butt (!) nawt happy taht eever wun ov yew has tew goe froo trips tew teh v-e-t adn gittin stuk. Beemz adn hedbonks tew tew bofe. XOXO
    {{{{{{{{KCT adn Sunny}}}}}}}}

  6. KCT: I’m sorry to hear news about Sunny. I had a kitteh years ago who had early kidney failure. I also gate him fluids under the skin and he was a willing participant – very laid back kitteh. We did this for about 2 years until it just wasn’t working any more. He was 20 years old when he went across the bridge. So there’s still some time for you both to enjoy time together.

  7. Oh KCT, I’m so sorry to hear this. Just when you are back together… Please know that you both continue in prayers and beem-sending. May all white light, warmth, and healing surround you both. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KCT and Sunny}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. KCT – am so sorry about sunny Sunny – he’s a wonderful kitteh and he knows how much he is loved. Me and Bear are sending healing beams your way. {{{{{KCT & Sunny}}}}}

  9. Ohai KCT and Sunny!
    Sending brite beems adn gudgudgud fishes…..oops, wishes….tew bof uv yoo! Praying foar bof uv yoo tew.
    Thinking uv yoo wif luv adn hedbonks,
    Bernadette and Suzuki

  10. Ohai KCT, ai am sowwy to heer abowt yur Sunny kitteh! Ai haz awlso been deeling wif mah kitteh boi dis week who had a sikk, so ai kno how yoo feel. Ai wish yoo boff calming beems ob helf, and happiness, and dat yoo can halp yur Sunny wif himz meds, to gib him lawts moar time wif yoo! {{{{KCT and Sunny}}}}}

  11. Aww…..KCT, ai reelee noez hao yu feelz. Ai juss wen fru dis wif mai Miha. Butt (!) wee had menny guud munfs tugezzer eeben affer hurr wuz diagnoast wiffa pleh! diyabeeteez. Mai wish foar Sunny iz guud kwalitee ob lyfe foar menny wilez lawnger.
    *Goez upp tu teh beemeraytor ruum at teh tawp ob teh howse*
    *Sets beemeraytor awn ohai*
    *Swingz beemeraytor arownd til iz poyntin strate souf*
    Aktivate KC coordinates!!
    *Puts awn teh bai-nao faymuss Snoopee gogglols, juss foar sho*
    *Pullz beemeraytor triggur an fawlz bakwerds frum teh powerful forse*
    *Watchez az beemz glitter in an ark akross teh eebnin skye*
    {{{{{KCT & Sunny}}}}}

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