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The latest from Altosinger:

Thank you all for your prayers; this time there was no growth looking like “Warts Gone Wild”; there was just some in-situ stuff which Doc “burned off with the rollerball”. Scott will stay overnight, which gives him a little time to recover while i get a full night’s uninterrupted sleep (a very nice thing to have) and will be able to go to Bible study tonight. This may well mean we won’t have to treat as aggressively, which would be good–some of the side-effects from the two chemo drugs they were recommending are pretty icky (that’s a technical term!). We shall see. Do keep up the prayers! They make all the difference!
GOD bless you all!
Love you bunches! —janey


9 thoughts on “Latest on Scott

  1. Hooray!! (Well, not for the “in situ” stuff, but still.) And no chemo? Even better! God does work in mysterious ways, and it’s far too often difficult for us to see His plan, but sounds like He’s got you in a good place right now.
    Prayers and good vibes, as always, and lots of love too!

  2. Thanks to all of you for the love and prayers! That does help me keep going. i don’t know about the chemo–less or less intense or whatever will probably have been decided by the time we get to the post-op next week. Waiting has never been my long suit, but i have certainly had a lot of experience in it over the last almost 5 years, what with one thing and another. It is a strange thing—i have found other areas of my life getting straightened out with all of this! It is true:”All things work together for good for them that love the LORD and are called according to His purpose.” (That’s Romans 8:28.) GOD lbess you all!
    Love you bunches! —janey

  3. It looks like I’m pretty far behind catching up with you . Hope all’s well by now and you’ll be having a good Christmas with both of you safe and comfortable at home.

    • Oh, sweetie, thank you! We are doing pretty well, all things considered–Scott has been a little blue, but we went out shopping yesterday (took one of those electric carts and toodled around till in went dedjimded) and made it to church today. Between that and going to barbershop rehearsal tomorrow, he should feel a little better. He is getting a little stronger, so it isn’t so much work to get him up the stairs, and that is good, too. I pray all is well with you, dearest—i miss you! GOD bless you bunches!
      Love you lotses! —janey

  4. Moar praerz adn beemz ob lyt tew yew, ai hab hayd ae mynur thyng lyk Scott habs, theau nawt az seeryus, mai Dawktur tewk awf foar moelz (thriii awn mai bayk adn wun awn mai foarhed) tew ob teh wunz oan mai bak wuz beenyn, teh uvver tew wuz teh teyp dat kud debelup iyntew skyn kaynsur, ai wuz lukee taht iyt wuz kawt erlee, mai prawstaet kancur wawz kawt reelee eerlee tew, moar prayerz tew BOFE ob yew.

    • Thanks, ABT! You know, once upon a long time ago, Scott was a biker..i can still see him coming over the hill in that tight tank top on his bike! He is still that 20-year-old in my heart. I am claiming James 1:5 right now–i do need that wisdom. GOD bless you, dear one, and meet you at the point of your deepest need.
      Love you bunches! —janey

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