Scottz Neggst Hospital Vizit

Dis b frum Altosinger, bowt hur hubby, Scott:

As some of you know, later this morning (it’s 12:16 AM PST as i write), Scott goes in for the urologist to do what they call a “second look.” A biiopsy will be involved, and we shall see what else after we talk to him. We have also talked to the oncologist; the course of treatment will be decided when Doc Gaskill sees what’s what. We are to check in to the hospital at 8 AM PST, and he’s supposed to go into the OR at 10 AM PST. Your prayers, as always, are appreciated.

Thanksgiving was good–Josh was up from Portland and got some stuff done for us that Scott couldn’t do, like hooking up the combo VCR/DVD player and putting in some new outlets, and his friend Delaine is a lovely lady who loves the LORD and has a kind and gentle spirit. We had a good dinner, if a little late because i’m running on super-slow these days. Oh, how i’d love some time to just BE….

Anyway, GOD bless you all, and remember, you are loved!
Love you bunches! —janey


7 thoughts on “Scottz Neggst Hospital Vizit

    • Thanks, dear one! He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think! As a friend of mine observed, the christian life is not difficult; it’s impossible. We can only do it with His help–which is always available.

  1. Up from Portland? Janey, where are you? I can’t find your profile on ICHC but I think we might be neighbors . . . in a world-wide cheeseburger sort of way. Holding you and Scott up before the throne.


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