Sad news about Janet’s kittehs

Have just had this in an email from OCM:

Today on Facebook I read the sad news that Janet Ast (jkh4k) has lost another furbaby – TigerLily. She wasn’t even very old and had some sort of stroke or seizure. Poor Janet has lost 3 kittehs now since last Christmas and she is very sad of course.


29 thoughts on “Sad news about Janet’s kittehs

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{janet}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} 😦 i iz so sorry u haz losted annuzer furry baby. 😦 Dis haz just ben a terriblol year fur ebbreewun, it seemz. i hopez u kin finding sum cheer fur Lolmaz.

  2. Oh, Janet, I am SO SORRY to hear this! I will hold you in prayer. (By the way, we spoke on the phone prior to the KC Cheezmeet but never met in person, so you don’t know me personally, but I care for you and your little one just the same.) Tricia aka Tortiemom

  3. Oh mai, iz hardd tu looze eeben wun kitteh, an yu habs had tu endoor three in teh spayce ob wun yeeryeeryeer? 😥 Iz diffikult foar us meer mortlolz tu unnerstand. Ai asks CC tu helf yu fru. Lubs an hugz an schmooooz tu yu mai fren. Bee gentlol tu yoarself.

  4. Janet, you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. May you have pleasant memories of your precious fur bebbehs. (I am missing 2 kitties this holiday season.)

  5. Janet, I’m so very very sorry. Holding you and all your kittehs, here and on the Bridge, in the most tender prayer. The reunions will be joyful beyond description but the wait is full of sad and hurt. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Janet}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  6. Janet, sorry for your loss, sending beems of love to you and including you in my prayers, time will help, and you should think about replacing one of your missing Koews wif a lil bebe Keow feuhl ob skweeeeeeee adn wawtch dis teenee neiwkumur kaypchur yeur hawart awl obber aygen, sea teh owldur Keow garumbul aybaout iyt adn den wynd uhp kudduln teh bebe, alawng wif YEW dewyun teh saem!

  7. I was so sorry to hear of Tigerlily’s passing, Janet.
    All my love—janey

  8. Oh Janet..I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Their time spent wth you and the love you gave them all was enough for many kitteh lifetimes. I hope you are comforted by the beems sent by all your cheezefriends. {{{{{{{{{Janet}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  9. Janet, I’m sorry to read of your Tigerlilly’s passing. The whys(?) and the hows stick with you so long in the mourning…. try to have a good holiday with the rest of your pets and family.{{{{Janet}}}}

  10. {{{{{jch4k}}}}} {{{{{tigerlily}}}}}
    It’s so hard when fur beebehs go over the bridje. You’ve given a home to so many and each one leaves a hole in your heart – as it does for each of us who give so much. TigerLily knew you loved her and that you gave her the bestest fureber home even if it was short.

  11. o, Janet, i am so sorry. i haz lost a lot this yeer tu, i fink ceiling cat shud hab enuff naow, an shud leev teh rest alone! i am sending hugs an snuggles hon, all mai lub

  12. O Janet, I’m so sorry for the loss of another fur baby :(. My thoughts are with you at this sad time. Sending beems of peace & comfort to you. {{{{{{{{{Janet}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{Her furbabbehs}}}}}}}}}.

    Lub & Hedbonks,

  13. oh no! ur cheezfrendz understand how sad u must be. we b sad with you.
    when we whir young, we had a kitteh named tigerlily. butt on sekond look, louiecat was the more appropriate name for that rascal.

  14. Wish there was something we could do or say to help ease your pain. My heart aches for you at the loss of yet another dear kitteh. {{{{{Janet}}}}}

  15. GLOW fur da liddle one. da rainbow bridge be bery bery hungry dis year. mebbe nawt so much next year?

    just love one anothfur, and we’ll all make it through somehow.

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