Teh 20Twelbity Calendar Is Here!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! The 20Twelbity Calendar is now available! Price is $17.99 (US), $3 of which goes to our charity. There is also a low-budget theater mini-poster version with pictures only, no calendar, for $7.99 (US), with $3 going to our charity. Shipping on both items extra. See below for links to online ordering for Germany, Canada, Australia, the UK, and USA/Worldwide. Please to spread the word throughout Cheezland.


16 thoughts on “Teh 20Twelbity Calendar Is Here!

  1. Ohai! Ai hazza grait awnur to hab mai Prudence n Wheresa AND Maya in teh kalindur. Thank yoo sooooooo muchiz! {{{LCB}}} {{{Cheeziz}}}

  2. WOW WOW WOW Sew beautimus!!!
    LCB habs outdun herselb agin!!!
    ai hasa hudj honored dat mai kittehs Judy, Stan adn Fred habs dere piktures in teh kalldandur!

  3. Ai haz sucha eggsited – my kittehs adn goggie made da calendar. Ai just ordered mine.
    LCB: Huje fankies for doing all dis hard werk wif eberyfing else you haz had to do. You izza grate cheezpeep. Fankies again.

  4. I will be ordering at least a couple of calendars soon (read: payday)–my boys made it in!!
    Puck and Snug are honored to make the calendar–my little pinup boys! 😉

    Thanks for doing the hard work, LCB–it looks great!!

  5. fankees, LCB! Yu am such a gud peep!
    Ai such a procrastinaytur, Ai nebber gotted wun frum 2011, and Miss Bonny was eeben awn teh cobber.
    Ai such a lazee kitteh…..sigh…..
    but yu dun a grate jawb again, LCB!!!
    WOOT fur teh maskt wun!

  6. Oh my, what a wonderful job LCB!! Thank you for taking all the time to do this and especially for including my Tucker and my sweet heart kitteh Murphy in the calendar!

    LCB you’re the best *da DAOW da daow*
    North, south, east or west *da DAOW da daow*
    You totally rock! *da DAOW da daow*
    That’s true, not a crock! *da DAOW da daow*

    We got the *thank you so much LCB* whatevers-the-opposite-of-the bloooooooooes!

  7. LCB, ai sekkund dat!! Yoo totally rokk!! Dis kalendur lukks awesum! Ai am going to ordur free (3) kownt ’em, free!!! Well, deh nawt free, but yoo kno wot ai meen!!! YAY!! *waddlols awf to ordur*

  8. Hurraze! ai just ordered 2 – wun for mee, wun for mai momcat hoo lurbs kittehs but can’t hab wun rite naow. Will bee a Catmas prezzie! Sew much funs!

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