Maya Krossing deh Bridge

Dis sad nooz b frum deh deer WetKittehMouse:

Ohai.  Ai hazza sad nooz.  Maya, mai foster kittee for past kupple yeerz (!) haz to kraws teh brij toomahrow. We hazza poyntmint at noon.  Teh will come to mai home to halp Maya cross.  Maya’s mawm, Annette, will be heer, too.  Pleez send uh beem or two in Maya’s durekshun for pain free night tonight and pain free passage toomahrow.
Iz teh ebil kidnee duhzeez taht gawt hur.
wkm n Maya
(Wet Kitteh Mouse)

30 thoughts on “Maya Krossing deh Bridge

  1. Please to kno mie beemz are wingin der way to Maya and sened a messege to my passeded kittiez to step up with open furry paws to welcome a new friend in – may her trip be peaceful — — ❤ ❤ ❤ dragonryder

  2. hao can ai be jentul
    wen it hurtz tihs bad
    hao can ai do wot ai must
    wen ai feel tihs sad
    butt stil ai haz tu do it
    nott for me for yoo
    tu keep yoo wood be crooler
    wif awl yoor goin throo
    adn ai wil hold yoo litely
    as yoo suffrin endz
    at leest ai haz tihs blessin
    yoo wil be amung frenz

  3. Ai hazza YOOOOJ sawry adn a sniflol fur yoo. Teh reinbowbridgevet iz a wunnermus tihng aifinkso. Ai wysh tehy hda it heer 2. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Maya adn WetKittehMouse}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. I’m so sorry for your [upcoming] loss, wkm — it’s never easy even when we know it’s the right — the only — thing to do. Beemz adn hugz adn prayerz for an easy passage, and know that you’re in my thoughts.

  5. I’m so sorry Wkm. I expect this will be both the longest and the shortest night of your life. How Maya will bless you for this selfless gift — the end of her pain. And someday, your sweet baby will run across the Bridge to meet you, well and strong, and loving you just as much as always. But for now, I am truly sorry for your sorrow. {{{{{wkm & maya}}}}}}

  6. I’m so sorry WKM – may Maya’s crossing be a peaceful one. My thoughts and love are with you at this time. Sending beems of peace and comfort.

    {{{{{{{{{WKM & Maya}}}}}}}}}

    Love & Hedbonks

  7. beems ov brightest cumfert an pees tew maya, her mama and her doptified mama an famblee. ai sew sorree {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Maya, Annette, Wetkittehmouse}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ai tell hart kitten rumpel tew play wif hur. schmooooo!

  8. WKM, alla cheezfrenz ar wif yoo, holding yoo an Annette. Maya, yoo sweet gentlol, gorgeous kitteh, yoo hitted teh jakpawt wen yoo cayme intu teh life of yoor hyoomuns. Dey boff lubbed yoo wif awl der harts. Dat’s why yoo ar tayking a part of dem wif yoo.

    WKM, Chelsea sed seh has alreddy meeting Maya an is showing her arownd teh Princess Mu Medow. See, der is Shadow. An ober der is Shelly ov Borg. An dat goggie….dat’s Mace. Megan is der awlso. Dey will awl halp teh Night Watchman greet Maya into der famblee.

  9. Thanks for awl teh kind wurdz. Teh Annette came at 10 furtee. We jus sat n gave Maya sawff skritches n strokes awnna bed in uh sunny spot until teh vet came.Teh vet wuz right awn tiem. It was wunnerful. iffin yoo has to do tihs, tihs teh way to duz it. He hazza grait respekt fur teh Maya n her hoominz. Took Maya awai in a big clean black bahx wit uh kitty paw mat in teh bottom to maik it sawft. He plaist hur innit so jentlee. N tahtz taht. Ai’ll see Annette uhgen wen Maya’s ashiz arrive in uh kupple weeks. Thank yoo awl fur teh lubz. {{{{cheeziz}}}}. yoo can has seed hur in December awnna 20twelbity calendar aifinkso. okthxbai.

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